Why is your library important to you?

Minnesota Loves Libraries, is a statewide, grassroots advocacy campaign set to run through January. We are looking for stories that exemplify service, community connections, and individual success. Have you had a positive interaction with a library staff member? Did you attend a program that taught you something? Maybe you were able to access information that helped you get a job or improve your work skills, or maybe a librarian guided you to the perfect book to share with your child at bedtime. Whatever it is, we’d like to hear about it!

Supported by CRPLSA, the campaign is launching statewide and will be administered by each library region individually. Library users are invited to stop by their local library to fill out a postcard or visit Minnesota Loves Libraries to use the online form. The purpose is to gather stories of how Minnesotans use the library and how it makes a difference in their lives.

Library supporters who attend Minnesota Library Legislative Day at the Capitol in March will hand deliver these messages from across the region. Legislators will receive comments from their constituents so that they get a glimpse of library services available in their district, and to provide an opportunity for them to respond directly.

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Postcards are available at the library or go to http://mnloveslibraries.crplsa.info and share your thoughts there.
No need to mail … just return your postcards to the library and we’ll make sure they get to legislators.

In order to ensure these stories have the maximum impact, we need the name and address of the person who is submitting the story. Your data will not be shared with anyone aside from your legislators and your local and regional library offices. It is important that legislators know they are hearing from the people they represent, and they often want to respond to their constituents.

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