May 31st – Save the Date!


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Got spare birdhouses? We need them!

I realized that I have at least 3 unused birdhouses tucked away here and there in my garage!  Do you have some, too?

simple bluebird housebird houses bird feeder old bird house

Please consider donating them and/or bird feeders to the Library!  Brand new or old and decrepit, we can use them all!

In addition to our regular annual Fairy/Gnome Garden Workshop for kids ages 8-12, we are hoping to offer a workshop for teens (those who will enter 7th grade in the fall and older) to create Fairy or Gnome Garden houses from birdhouses this summer.  Your unused little structures could become something like these:

fairy house  stone birdhouse  shell fairy house  twig fairy house  fairy gazebo

We’ll incorporate them into the library side garden plot to form a fairy or gnome village!

We can also use interesting bits of old hardware, colorful stones, shells, old jewelry, corks, birch bark, moss encrusted bark, polished stones, grapevine, small pieces of driftwood, acorns, pinecones (especially tiny and extra large ones), any kind of interesting dried plant life, pennies, and anything else that may provide the perfect touch of whimsey to our little village. Please begin bringing in to the library any time!

If you are a teen (7th grader next fall or older) and are interested in putting some careful work into this fun project this summer, please let us know so we can contact you when we’re ready to start. There will be a scheduled workshop, but you can also come in and work on it whenever you have time this summer.

Because of the detailed nature of this project and the tools that will be used, we are firm on opening it up to teens only.  Other creative and fun projects will be available to younger kids!

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We need your trash!

We need a large number of the following items for Summer Reading Program activities.toilet-roll



Please bring any and all you can spare to the library!

  • cardboard boxes (shoebox size and smaller)
  • egg cartons (1 dozen-size)    We have enough egg cartons now!  Thanks!
  • milk jug caps and bottle caps
  • toilet paper rolls
  • paper towel rolls

Please collect and bring as many as you can before summer.  Thank you!

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Mobile printing now available at the library!

Check out our brand new printer/copier/scanner/fax machine!

Have you ever found yourself using your laptop, phone, or tablet at the library and wished you could print from it?

Has your printer ever malfunctioned and you found yourself wishing you could send your print job directly to the library’s printer?

Now you can!!  Read on to see how …


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Federal tax forms now available

Forms and instructions for 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ now available at the library.

Other forms may be printed from the internet for 25¢ a page.

The State notified us they will not be sending the library forms or instructions this year. See phone numbers and websites to access forms below.


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OverDrive and iOS issues

Are you having trouble with OverDrive and your iOS device?  If so, take heart … you are not alone.  It is clear OverDrive knows about it and is working on solutions.  Below are their latest facebook posts regarding these issues.  If you read the comments after the latest one on facebook, you will see that some people find they are losing books they already have checked out when downloading the new app.

We will pass on any new information as we receive it.

OverDrive for Libraries
February 5 at 2:16pm ·

Thank you for the feedback regarding the OverDrive app update for iOS. We appreciate your frustration with the issues some users have been having with the app. We are working on the fix and have requested an expedited approval from Apple so that our users can access their titles through the app again.

As we have mentioned previously you can still access your titles by logging into your library site through your web browser and using the OverDrive Read version of the titles in the meantime.

We are not given an exact date or time for when the app will be approved by Apple but you should be able to update your app soon.

The OverDrive app update is now available in the App Store. It addresses many of the issues users were having.

OverDrive for Libraries's photo.
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Book Reading/Author Event Feb. 25th

Kiersten Hall has plenty of entertaining stories to share after 15 years of memories from 1,400+ weddings as a professional videographer.  Come enjoy Kiersten’s funny stories, while savoring delicious wedding reception-type refreshments, on Feb. 25th at 7pm.

This program promises to be a good time for everyone!  Men, women, children, single, married, and engaged couples have all found Kiersten’s book a delight.

Bring your own wedding photo to add to a display at the program! (Optional)


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Library Closed & Storytime cancelled Tuesday

snowmanDue to hazardous weather conditions the library will be closed Tuesday, Feb. 2nd.


Please stay safe!

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Looking for tax forms?

At this point, NO tax materials have yet been sent to us.

Good News … Basic Federal tax forms and instructions WILL be sent to the library to share this year!  🙂

Bad News … MN State forms and instructions will NOT be sent to the library to share.  🙁

We can help you access what you need online or you can call the IRS and request that forms be sent to you.

For MN State Forms and information:  or call 1-800-652-9094

For Federal Tax Forms and information:  or call 1-800-829-3676

Black and white printouts made at the library cost 25 cents.


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Book Signing – Feb. 20th, 10am-noon




Stop in and meet Jo on Saturday, February 20th!

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