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Christmas Closing 2014

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Looking for a great gift?

Have you considered a Kwik Trip gift card?  Everyone needs gas!  And milk … and eggs … and lots of other stuff!

Kwik Trip gift cards make great presents!  Buy yours at the library and you’ll be giving a gift to the library at the same time, without costing you anything extra!  For every card you purchase from us, Kwik Trip donates a percentage back to the library!

We have cards in denominations of $10, $20, $25, $50, and $100.  If you need a large quantity, please call ahead so that we can check our supply.  We can get more cards overnight if we order early enough in the day.

We appreciate your support!

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What’s your library story?

Hear ye, hear ye, Friends, Patrons, Trustees and our Public Library Community! Would you be interested in writing a story about the Chatfield Public Library? Our library is celebrating its 100th Birthday on February 15, 2015. The Friends of the Chatfield Public Library are compiling a booklet of Library Stories for the Birthday Event. They are asking the community to contribute short stories, or poems, or haikus of our wonderful library. Each of the Friends will contribute, as will past and present community members. Join the fun as we start celebrating the library’s centennial year.

Many stories may find themselves published in The Chatfield News, or on the Library’s website during the centennial year, as well as in the booklet. If you wish to submit a story, please send it to Mimi Seamens via email at Or if you prefer the non-digital format, please write your story or poem or haiku and mail to the Chatfield Public Library, 314 So. Main Street, Chatfield MN 55923 to the attention of Mimi Seamens.

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Great gift idea!

Purchase The Spirit of the Valley from the library today!

This Sesquicentennial Commemorative book is now on sale for only $10!

Each book contains:

342 pages of history, stories, pictures, and more!

A full reprint of the “Bicentennial Bugle”, Chatfield’s 1977 publication celebrating the USA’s Bicentennial.

A full reprint of “Our First Hundred Years”, the publication from Chatfield’s 1953 Centennial event.

A bonus CD with 5 sets of pictyures celebrating Chatfield built into screen savers for your computer.

A recording on CD from the 2003 Chautauqua featuring the Children’s Choir singing “Valley, Chosen Valley”.

Wouldn’t this book be the perfect gift for someone on your list?
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2nd Sunday Cinema at the library this month

Showing Dec. 14th at 3:00pm

at the Chatfield Public Library


A film by Fabio Grassadonia & Antonio Piazza

Italy / 2013 / Drama / 104 min / Italian with English Subtitles

“The renaissance of Italian Cinema!” – Variety

“A fascinating Italian film noir, immaculately made!”


A hitman for the Sicilian Mafia, Salvo is solitary, cold and ruthless. When he sneaks into a house on an assignment, he discovers Rita, an innocent young blind girl who must stand by powerlessly while her brother is assassinated. What follows is an intense exchange fueled by adrenaline and fear between the killer and hiswitness, one that changes their two lives in an instant. The darkness is lifted fromRita’s eyes just as Salvo decides, against his murderous instincts, to spare her life.From then on, both haunted by their brief encounter, these two damaged souls willattempt to navigate their dangerous next steps side by side.

Cannes Film Festival – Grand Prix, Critics’ Week
Cannes Film Festival – France 4 Visionary Award
New Directors/New Films                  Atlantic Film Festival
BFI London Film Festival                   Festival de Rio
Busan Int’l Film Festival                     Chicago International Film Festival
Ft. Lauderdale Int’l Film festival       San Juan Int’l Film Festival
Naples Int’l Film Festival                    Palm Springs Int’l Film Festival
Portland Int’l Film Festival

Why Film Movement Selected: SALVO

This month’s Film Club selection is SALVO, the story of an assassin who changes his murderous ways when he encounters an innocent young blind girl. Read on to learn more about why we decided to share this edgy arthouse film with our Club subscribers.

When considering the films we share with audiences, we look for the unique and innovative, the emerging and exceptional.Salvo delivers that and more: a compelling, dramatic narrative; a talented, promising filmmaking team; and the critical acclaim and audience reception that confirm its place alongside some of the best European independent films of recent years.

There is a duality that permeates the film, beginning with filmmaking team Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza, co-writers and directors. Inspired by their short film Rita (included in this presentation), Salvo is simultaneously an intense gangster movie and a meditation on the humanity of even the most hardened among us. What’s more, the filmmakers take the most visual of art forms as an opportunity to exquisitely explore the perspective of a young blind girl through deft editing, inventive use of sound and score, and evocative, taut performances. Salvo effortlessly establishes itself as a presence on screen and in any collector’s catalog.

Join us for 2nd Sunday Cinema at the library again this month, rather than at Potter Auditorium where it is usually held.  Enjoy the movie on our big screen while relaxing on the comfy couches and chairs in our program room on the lower level.

Popcorn, beverages, and candy will be available.

Brought to you by the Chatfield Public Library in cooperation with the Chatfield Center for the Arts, Wits’ End Theatre, and the Chatfield Lions. 




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Whoa! Am I in the right place?!

If you were looking for the site of the Chatfield Public Library in Chatfield, Minnesota … then, yes, you are in the right place!  Even though it may not look to you like you are.

It had come to our attention that our website/blog had been compromised.  We needed to make some quick changes to combat these unscrupulous usurpers!

Please summon forth that unfailing patience you cannot deny you have within you as we deal with this threat and seek a new, safe, appealing WordPress theme, as time will permit.

My hope is that this temporary site will meet your needs in the meantime.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

  The library will be closed Thursday, 11/27 and Friday, 11/28 for  Thanksgiving.  Have a wonderful holiday!

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2nd Sunday Cinema at the Library in November

Showing Nov. 9th at 3:00pm


 A film by Diane Kurys

France / 2013 / Drama / French with English Subtitles/110 min

November’s showing will be held at the Chatfield Public Library since Potter Auditorium will be unavailable that day.  Enjoy the movie on our big screen while relaxing on the comfy couches and chairs in our program room on the lower level.

FREE!     Ages 17+     Refreshments

“A full course of film, with international intrigue, revenge, romance … Masterfully shot!” - Santa Barbara Independent

Luminous! [A] beautifully crafted historical melodrama!” - Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter


Anne has a very active imagination, only natural for a writer. But in her mid-thirties, she still knows practically nothing of her own family’s past. After her mother’s death, Anne discovers old photos and letters that convince her to take a closer look at the life of her parents, Michael and Léna. The young couple met in the concentration camps during World War II, later moving to France to start their new life together. Soon, Anne’s research into their Jewish history and their ties to Lyon’s communist party reveals the existence of a mysterious uncle, Jean, whom everyone seems intent on forgetting entirely. As she gradually closes in on the discovery she didn’t know she was looking for, her father grows ever more ill, and may take the secret that kept them apart for so long to his grave. In a journey that stretches from post-war France to the 1980s, Anne’s destiny intertwines with her father’s past until they form a single, unforgettable story.



Brussels Film Festival

New York Jewish Film Festival

Santa Barbara Int’l Film Festival

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

San Diego Jewish Film Festival

Brought to you by the Chatfield Public Library in cooperation with the Chatfield Center for the Arts, Wits’ End Theatre, and the Chatfield Lions. 







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Pumpkin Carving Workshop

Pumpkin Carving Workshop

Thursday, October 23 at 6:00pm

Bring your own pumpkin and carving tools and we’ll provide a variety of patterns that you can use.

This is a free, very informal workshop for carvers of all ages and levels of experience, but young children must be accompanied by an adult.

Many have found that it works much better to scrape out their pumpkins before coming to the workshop so that they can get right to work carving.

Intricate carving takes a lot of time!

Spooky treats will be served.  Please join us!


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Please fill out our Storytime Survey

Attendance at our fall/winter/spring storytimes has declined dramatically.  Frequently, no one attends.  We appreciate your input, through a survey, to help us figure out why and whether anything can be done to increase storytime attendance.  Or, perhaps, it may indicate that there simply is no longer any interest in a regular storytime being offered through the library.  Lack of responses will lead us to believe this may be true, so please respond if you are at all interested in attending a regular Chatfield Public Library storytime.  All responses are received anonymously.  All questions are in regard to storytime offered during the school year, not during the summer.

Please click HERE or on the picture above to be taken to the online survey.  Or fill out a paper version of the survey at the library.  You’ll find them on top of the shelf on the northern wall of the children’s picture book section.

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