Food Drive Challenge

Chatfield Community Weekend Backpack Program Food Drive

The Library is partnering with the Chatfield Community Weekend Backpack Program and Thrivent Financial to help support this vital program.

Please bring food and cash donations to the public library through 3/15/17.   Write checks to: “Chatfield Weekend Food Program”

The Community Weekend Backpack Program has been providing nutritious meals & snacks to children in need to take home from school over the weekends since March 2014 & currently serves 60 local students weekly.

Food Drive

Specific Food Items Needed

Peanut butter – need 30 regular (16 oz.) jars per month

Individual Applesauce or other Fruit cups

Chewy Granola bars                          Cereal (15 oz. or less)

Fruit & grain bars                               Pudding cups

Boxed Rice Krispie treats                  Canned pasta meals

Rice a Roni                                        Snack pack raisins

Macaroni & cheese                            Noodles/rice sauce mixes

Sauce mixes                                      Canned vegetables

Tuna Helper                                      Tuna

Canned soup                                     Saltine crackers

Items need to fit in a backpack.  A weekly bag contains 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 snack and supplemental food for each child in the home in grades K-12.  (60 students at present.)

Please, no glass jars and all items must have a label. 

Please drop off at the library through March 15, 2017.

Thank you!!