School Supplies Collection at the Library until Aug. 9th!

A new school year means buying new school supplies, but for lower-income families buying new school supplies may be wishful thinking. United Way of Olmsted County understands that a child’s triumph in school today leads to a better tomorrow for our community. By giving children school supplies, we’re giving children a running start for school and a hopeful start towards a brighter future.

⇒Are you eligible for free school supplies through Running Start or curious about what supplies are in the Back to School Kits? Click here.

 Individuals or groups collect school supplies and drop them off at United Way of Olmsted County in Rochester between August 8-10. The school supplies are sorted then distributed to students in late August. Last year, 2,613 students received school supplies.! This year there are 7,056 eligible students in Olmsted County. Our new goal is to register 4,234 students to receive school supplies. For more information about Running Start, take a look at their Quick Facts Sheet (Leer en español).

Supplies Needed

As always, lots of backpacks are needed to help support the Running Start initiative, but below are some other items that are most in need this year:

  • Backpacks
  • 2-pocket folders
  • Spiral notebooks
  • #2 Pencils
  • Glue sticks
  • Block erasers

Look for the collection bin located upstairs at the library, below the bulletin board in the hallway and drop off school supplies you wish to donate any time before August 9th.  Supply lists are available in a pocket on the bulletin board.

Thank you!

School Supplies Collection @ the Library

The library is once again a collection spot for donations of school supplies for the United Way’s Running Start for School initiative.  Running Start for School provides school supplies to low-income students who live in Olmsted County.

For some lower-income families it can be very overwhelming and expensive to buy the school supplies needed at the beginning of each school year. Running Start for School depends on the support of our community to help provide the needed school supplies for these families. 

Students, kindergarten through 12th grade who are eligible for free or reduced lunch and who live or go to school in Olmsted County, receive school supplies. 

If your children qualify for free or reduced lunch for the upcoming school year and you wish to register them, call (507) 287-1958 from June 1 – August 10 to register. 

Look for the bin located upstairs at the library, below the bulletin board in the hallway and drop off school supplies you wish to donate any time before August 11th.  Supplies needed are listed below. 

Backpack – no wheels; Binder with zipper; Colored pencils – 12 count box non-short;  Eraser – block; Folder – two pocket; Glue – 4 ounce washable bottle; Glue stick – .21 ounce washable; Highlighters – variety of colors; Markers (thick washable) – 10 count box; Markers (thin washable) – 10 count box; Pens – Red; Pencil box – 8″ x 5″; Pencil pouch – fits 3-ringed binder; Pencil sharpener – covered; Pencils – #2; Pens – blue OR black; Ruler (inches and centimeters) – 12 inch, Scissors – kids blunt tip; Scissors – kids pointed tip; Spiral notebook – 70 sheet college & wide-lined; Paper – college & wide lined – 150 count loose leaf  

Thank you for your help!