System Restored

The SELCO system was down yesterday due to a statewide outage of TDS.  I am working hard to get everything checked in and enter those things that were “checked out” yesterday as soon as I can.  So, if you check your account and things do not seem up-to-date, be assured that they will be by this afternoon.  Everything that did not get checked in yesterday will be checked in as if returned on July 3rd, so no overdues will result from this outage.  Thank you for your patience as I work through the backlog!

Below is the latest update from SELCO Friday evening:

“A statewide outage of TDS, our Internet service provider, disrupted network connectivity at the SELCO office for approximately 90 minutes this afternoon. Things are back up now but we have not gotten a confirmation from TDS that the problem is resolved. As the outage affected all TDS customers, they are dealing with a high volume of phone calls and information has been sketchy.”