Please fill out our Storytime Survey

Attendance at our fall/winter/spring storytimes has declined dramatically.  Frequently, no one attends.  We appreciate your input, through a survey, to help us figure out why and whether anything can be done to increase storytime attendance.  Or, perhaps, it may indicate that there simply is no longer any interest in a regular storytime being offered through the library.  Lack of responses will lead us to believe this may be true, so please respond if you are at all interested in attending a regular Chatfield Public Library storytime.  All responses are received anonymously.  All questions are in regard to storytime offered during the school year, not during the summer.

Please click HERE or on the picture above to be taken to the online survey.  Or fill out a paper version of the survey at the library.  You’ll find them on top of the shelf on the northern wall of the children’s picture book section.