We need your trash!

We need a large number of the following items for Summer Reading Program activities.toilet-roll



Please bring any and all you can spare to the library!

  • cardboard boxes (shoebox size and smaller)
  • egg cartons (1 dozen-size)    We have enough egg cartons now!  Thanks!
  • milk jug caps and bottle caps
  • toilet paper rolls
  • paper towel rolls

Please collect and bring as many as you can before summer.  Thank you!

Fairy/Gnome Garden Workshop – Full

fairy garden beach scene

Our Fairy/Gnome Garden Workshop scheduled for Tuesday, July 2nd is full.  While we would love to offer this workshop to everyone, it is simply not possible.  Experience has confirmed to us that we have only the manpower, space, time, tools, and materials to handle 25 youth with such a complex project.

But do not fret!  ANYONE can make a fairy or gnome garden!  Go on a nature hunt with your kids and gather up twigs, rocks, little plants, bark, moss, and anything else that strikes their fancy.  Make your miniature garden in the corner of the yard, in a flower-pot or any other container that seems the right size and shape to you.  Then let your imagination soar and create a tiny little garden that any fairy or gnome would love to move into!

Below you’ll find some links to help you get started and find inspiration.  Or simply search for “fairy garden” on Pinterest or through Google.

Information on how to create your own fairy garden:fairy garden 5






For fairy garden ideas, tips, and inspiration:




How to make fairy furniture:

fairy chair tutorial




Have fun!!

Storyteller, Katie Knutson at the Library on Friday, 6/28/13

Katie Knutson Storytelling

Professional Storyteller, Katie Knutson presents

Slimy and Squishy

Storytelling for Young Children

Friday, June 28, 2013 at 10:00am

Bugs, Spiders, and other Creepy-Crawly Creatures!

Sing silly songs about bumblebees and worms, then relax into stories about tricky spiders and butterfly coats.

Captivating audiences with her energetic storytelling style since 1994, Katie’s programs engage children in their learning, encourage self-expression, teach character education, and foster a love of reading and telling stories.


Summer Reading Program Begins!

Reading logs for preschoolers through teens are now available at the library!  Start keeping track of your reading and earn/win great prizes!

Don’t miss Norm Barnhart’s Comedy Magic Show


Tuesday, June 18th at 1:00pm.

NormBarnhartHe will entertain all ages with his sleight of hand and crazy magical tricks, all while sharing his excitement for reading.

All are invited and one lucky attendee will win Norm’s book, AMAZING MAGIC TRICKS!


Snakes in the Library!

Come experience the always fabulous RAD Zoo (Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo) at the library!

Tuesday at 1pm 
June 26, 2012


Their highly informative, interactive programs feature a variety of live fascinating reptiles and amphibians.

RAD Zoo always provides an enjoyable experience while instilling a greater understanding of these unique animals and the incredible lives they live. They even offer an opportunity for audience members to touch some of the animals after their presentation! Don’t miss it! Everyone is invited!!