Storytime … Online!

Every once in awhile my 6-year-old will ask to “hear a story on the computer.” 

We like to go to where the Screen Actors Guild Foundation provides online streaming video of several of its members reading children’s picture books aloud.  They have greatly expanded their offerings to a very good number of a variety of books.  The actors use their talents to make the stories especially entertaining.  The illustrations from the books are not animated, but the camera zooms in and out and moves from the reader to the illustrations in a smooth, non-jarring way that really makes you feel like this person is right there reading to you and your child.

Both my 6-year-old and 8-year-old were laughing out loud during the first story and begging for a second and third one last night.  I’m not sure I could give the site a better recommendation than that. 🙂

You will find a link to this site if you click on “KIDS” in the black menu line near the top of this page.  Then click on Children’s Storytime and Book Sources Online.

No actor will be able to replace the value of you reading aloud to your kids, but this resource can add a little variety occasionally and allow you to sit back with your kids and enjoy a good story told well.  Enjoy!