“Deliver Later” option in Libby

Graphic showing that you can choose to have a digital hold delivered after the next person on the list uses it if you don't have time for it when it becomes available to you.

When a hold becomes available for you, you’ll receive an email and a notification in your library’s OverDrive collection. You have 72 hours to borrow the hold or have it delivered later if you’re not ready to read it.

Delivering a hold later means you stay at the front of the wait list, but pass the current copy to the next person in line.

To deliver a hold later:

  1. Go to your Holds page on your library’s OverDrive website or in the OverDrive app.
    You’ll need to be signed into the site to get to this page.
  2. Select Deliver later next to the title.
  3. Choose the earliest date you’d like the title to be delivered. After that date, you’ll get a copy when the next person returns it.
    Note: This could mean that you get the title a couple days or weeks after your “deliver after” date.
  4. Select Confirm.

Once you reschedule delivery, you’ll see a “Deliver after” notification next to the hold.

You can change your delivery date by selecting Edit hold. You can choose a different date or select “as soon as possible” to receive the next available copy.

Even if you select “as soon as possible,” it may still be days or weeks until you receive the title. The wait depends on both how soon the next available copy is returned and how many others in front of you also delivered their hold later and are waiting for a copy.

If you take no action on an available hold

Once per hold, if you take no action:

  • The “deliver after seven days” option will be automatically applied at the end of the 72-hour pickup window.
  • You’ll receive the next available copy of the title.
  • The current copy will go to the next person in line.

If you take no action a second time, your hold will be canceled automatically.

Access to many more ebooks and digital audios for free!

There is a new partnership between SELCO and Rochester Public Library that makes it possible for you to access digital ebooks and audios from each of the 2 separate collections.  For detailed instructions on downloading, installing, and using Libby to access the digital collections, pick up a brochure at the library or click HERE.

For information on getting started with Libby, click the graphic below:

eBook and eAudiobook Help On the Way!

Enjoy eBooks-Graphic1Have you been wishing you could figure out how to enjoy eBooks and/or downloadable audios on your device?  Well, your wish will soon come true!  Mark July 11th on your calendar today!  An eBook and downloadable audiobook “pro” will come from SELCO and do her best to help you with any questions you have about Overdrive.  Stop in between 6:30pm and 7:30pm.

Chatfield Public Library

eBook & Audiobook Roadshow

Thursday, July 11, 2013

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Bring your device with you and find the answers you need!  You may also want to bring your laptop with you if you are using a mobile device that does not have the capability of direct download.  In other words, if you can’t access the internet with your device, you’ll need to download the free software, Adobe Digital Editions or Overdrive Media Console, to your computer and use that to transfer downloadable media to your mobile device.  The library’s computers cannot be used for this, so please bring in your laptop computer if your device requires this.

For a list of devices that require the use of Adobe DIgital Editions on your computer, click HERE.

For a list of devices that require the use of Overdrive Media Console on your computer, click HERE.

To explore all the help available through Overdrive, click HERE.

iOS Users will need to re-authorize Adobe ID for Overdrive

Overdrive graphiciOS users will be prompted to re-authorize their Adobe IDs when opening OverDrive Media Console  for the first time after the May 28th update.   If you don’t remember your password, click on “Trouble signing in?” below the “Sign In” button on the “My Adobe Account” sign in page and you can reset your password.  There is no need to develop a new Adobe account.

OverDrive explains:

OverDrive Media Console v2.6.5 is coming to iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and Android on May 28th.

This release is all about bug-fixes to improve the end user experience….

Due to a change in Apple’s privacy policies, we’ve had to make changes to the way we handle licensing of EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks.  As a result, the OMC for iOS v2.6.5 update will de-authorize every users’ Adobe ID.  Upon opening OMC for the first time after the update, users will be prompted to re-authorize.

Audiobook users that have only partially downloaded an audiobook prior to the update will need to return to the library bookshelf to download any missing parts.  If users try downloading missing parts directly without first reactivating the download from their library website bookshelf, they will receive a ‘downloadManagerErrorDomain:403’ error.

Note: The Adobe authorization and audiobook download issues will only impact iOS users.

We’ve created two help articles to help end users through both Adobe authorization and audiobook download: