Unable to place requests at the moment

Perhaps you experienced some difficulty accessing your account or placing requests this weekend.  Let me explain why …

During Independence Day weekend, the SELCO office internet connection was upgraded from approximately 4.5MB to 10MB.  This upgrade will improve the speed of the connection that Online Libraries use to access Horizon, AquaBrowser, Pharos, and other key services.  This upgrade was successful.  However, like any major infrastructure project, there are some short-term complications to overcome.  The Horizon iPac server is not yet communicating with the rest of the network.  This means that it is not possible to place requests, since all requests functionality for Horizon is in that server.  SELCO is working with Sirsi-Dynix to resolve this problem as quickly as they can.

Sorry about the inconvenience! 

Our patience is sure to be rewarded with faster connectivity!