Experience Celtic Music at the Park July 16th!

Laura MacKenzie "Celtic Breeze" concert, July 16 at 10am in City Park

Laura MacKenzie “Laura has a very pleasant way of presenting educational information in a fun and professional manner…She kept focused on an excellent balance between talking and playing a variety of music with her unique instruments. Laura’s skills in education, presentation and music were very enjoyable to experience and many of us would like Laura to return, since the material was so interesting and fun. Her answers to our questions were easy to understand and well thought out. It was a pleasure to attend the program Laura MacKenzie did for the Rochester Music Guild.”
— C. Benson, Rochester Music Guild

Laura MacKenzie


“The sad songs made me feel like crying. It was so real and wonderful…The happy music made be feel like I was going to fly away.”   —  Fourth grader, Halmstad Elementary School


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