Got spare birdhouses? We need them!

I realized that I have at least 3 unused birdhouses tucked away here and there in my garage!  Do you have some, too?

simple bluebird housebird houses bird feeder old bird house

Please consider donating them and/or bird feeders to the Library!  Brand new or old and decrepit, we can use them all!

In addition to our regular annual Fairy/Gnome Garden Workshop for kids ages 8-12, we are hoping to offer a workshop for teens (those who will enter 7th grade in the fall and older) to create Fairy or Gnome Garden houses from birdhouses this summer.  Your unused little structures could become something like these:

fairy house  stone birdhouse  shell fairy house  twig fairy house  fairy gazebo

We’ll incorporate them into the library side garden plot to form a fairy or gnome village!

We can also use interesting bits of old hardware, colorful stones, shells, old jewelry, corks, birch bark, moss encrusted bark, polished stones, grapevine, small pieces of driftwood, acorns, pinecones (especially tiny and extra large ones), any kind of interesting dried plant life, pennies, and anything else that may provide the perfect touch of whimsey to our little village. Please begin bringing in to the library any time!

If you are a teen (7th grader next fall or older) and are interested in putting some careful work into this fun project this summer, please let us know so we can contact you when we’re ready to start. There will be a scheduled workshop, but you can also come in and work on it whenever you have time this summer.

Because of the detailed nature of this project and the tools that will be used, we are firm on opening it up to teens only.  Other creative and fun projects will be available to younger kids!