Having problems getting into Aquabrowser?

If you are using Internet Explorer 10, it is likely compatibility issues between it and the Javascript used in Aquabrowser.  SELCO IT has advised that the quick fix for now is to turn on IE’s compatibility mode.  If problems persist, it is suggested you try clearing the cache.
For enabling compatibility mode, see this article: http://techathlon.com/internet-explorer-10-run-compatibility-mode/.  To then hold this setting for Aquabrowser, do the following:  (ALT) -> Tools -> Compatibility View settings.  Paste or type in

http://aquabrowser.selco.info/?c_profile=chat&q= and then click “Add”

For clearing the cache, check out Mike Flores’s blog post: http://www.selco.info/display/TSL/2013/03/19/Bad+Cookies+-+Clearing+Your+Browser+Cache


Just use Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox or some other browser to access Aquabrowser.