Elusive Fairy Garden Photos …

The mini-gardens created by the kids on July 3rd were absolutely beautiful.   And extremely cute! 

Unfortunately, you are simply going to have to take my word for it.  I took a ton of great photos, uploaded them to my computer, then the next day … my hard drive crashed.  All the photos were lost for good.  🙁

Ah, well … I guess to be truly enjoyed anyway, fairy gardens must be experienced first hand.  No camera can capture the magic and enchantment of seeing one from all angles and up close.

My sincere thanks to Hillside Nursery and Beth Helgeson for donating potting soil; Mary Kay Murray, Sharlene Owens, Laurie Byrne, Leslie Davila, Kay Kirtz and Marvin’s Gardens for donating plants, rocks, and other fairy garden supplies; and Susanna Hopper, Isaiah Redalen, Keagan Clarke, Kay, Leslie and Ray for your invaluable help with the workshop!  Last, but not least, a big thanks to the kids for their enthusiasm and creativity!

We got so much support that I’m afraid I might have forgotten someone or simply did not even realize they helped in some way!  Please forgive me if I omitted your name!  Projects like this are simply not possible without the generosity of many people.  Thank you!!