2nd Sunday Cinema – Showing March 8th


Showing March 8th at Potter Auditorium at 3:00pm


A film by Andreas Prochaska

Austria/Germany / 2014 / Drama / German with English Subtitles / 115 min

“Tense…[with] a brooding atmosphere of suspicion and menace.” —Indiewire

“Visually ravishing! The hills are alive with the sound of gunfire in this alpine revenge drama, a superior genre piece.” –The Hollywood Reporter

“A unique visual experience out of the novel, in a film that, stylistically, is not too far removed from classic westerns of old, with a typically placed revenge plot situated within this cinematic landscape.” – Stefan Pape, Hey U Guys!

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Somewhere high in the Alps, a lone rider makes his way along a hidden path and reaches a small village, tucked away between the steep mountains. This stranger goes by the name of Greider; nobody knows where he’s from and, met with blatant distrust, nobody wants him in the village. The sons of Old Brenner, the village patriarch who holds the entire community under his threatening, violent ways, would have chased him away if Greider hadn’t given them a fistful of gold coins. Greider introduces himself as a photographer, and Brenner’s sons provide him with shelter for the winter at the house of widow Gader and her young daughter, Luzi. Soon to be married to her sweetheart, Lukas, Luzi is full of trepidation as the big day draws near because, in this valley, a wedding comes with a terrible tradition. And whoever opposes this tradition will be subjected to a merciless punishment.

In the depths of winter, the village cut off by snowfall and barely a ray of sunlight reaching the valley, a tragic accident leads to the death of one of Brenner’s beloved sons. When another son is mysteriously killed, it’s clear this is not a coincidence: the time has come for Brenner’s family to pay, and Greider plans to settle a score long forgotten by everyone but him.

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Puchan International Film Festival (Korea)


Berlin International Film Festival

Stony Brook Film Festival

Scottsdale Int’l Film Festival

Rehoboth Beach Film Festival

Fairhope Film Festival

JeffinSeattle – Customer Review
Yee haw! Hey fellers! We done got ourselves uh Western here! It is about this dude who goes around righting wrongs. Yeah! Plunty of shoot ’em ups! This ain’t no American Western neither. This hear says it’s a “Schnitzel Western”. Dude, this means the fellers are speaking in them funny language called, “German”. This here pichure ain’t even in America, but it shore feels like one! Don’t let your American pride keep you frum seeing this here film! This is one pichure you shouldn’t miss! Yee haw! I done give this pichure five bullets outta five!

Bobbi2shot – Customer Review
A good “foreign” revenge western. Though it’s dubbed in English with English subtitles – talk about overkill (pun intended). Cinematography is superb. Setting is spectacular.

Click HERE for more information, including an interview with director and screenwriter Andreas Prochaska.