2nd Sunday Cinema

Showing Sunday, Oct. 12th at 3:00pm …

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Directed by Arvin Chen

Taiwan /Comedy / Mandarin with English subtitles/106 min.

On the big screen at historic Potter Auditorium

FREE!         Ages 17+      Refreshments Available for purchase

Poignant and heartening. Playfully channeling Woody Allen, Jacques Tati and Jacques Demy” – Maggie Lee, Variety

 “Wry and whimsical”- Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter


In this madcap and lighthearted comedic romp, introverted optometrist Weichung begins to question his marriage with his wife Feng upon learning of her desire to have another baby. At his sister’s engagement party, Weichung bumps into an old friend, Stephen, a wedding photographer who, though also married, is living the high life of a younger, single gay man. When Stephen teases Weichung for his newly straight-laced lifestyle, dormant emotions are awakened in Weichung, setting him off on a quest for true romance and desire.


Honorable Mention, International Narrative Feature – Tel Aviv LGBT Intl. Film Festival

Audience Award, Best Foreign Film – Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival


Berlin International Film Festival                 Tribeca Film Festival

Hong Kong International Film Festival                 Boston LGBT Film Festival

Provincetown Film Festival                         Frameline Film Festival

Chicago International Film Festival                 Philadelphia Film Festival

Rehoboth Beach Film Festival                     Denver Film Festival

St. Louis International Film Festival                 Teaneck International Film Festival

Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival

San Diego Asian Film Festival

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Film Movement explains why they chose this movie …

We could say that we acquired this film because of its delightfully charming karaoke scene, and we wouldn’t be lying. But there’s so much more to Arvin Chen’s work than flourish and whimsy, and there’s plenty of that. The story—or stories, because there are several, like variations on a theme—is in essence about being true to oneself, and those close to you, in order to find happiness. The main character happens to be gay, and the film does touch on the difficulties of homosexuals coming out publicly under the pressures of Taiwanese society and family traditions. However, this is not merely a film about gay issues, but rather about honesty when it comes to relationships, both gay and straight.

It’s obvious that Chen understands and respects all of his characters, making it easy for any audience member to identify with them. And he achieves a satisfying happy ending for all without it seeming fake or being sappy. We’re confident you will be completely taken by Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, and even dare to guarantee that next time you do karaoke with your co-workers, you will get an uncontrollable urge to sing the title song to them as if your life depended on it. Just like the film, it will take a long time to get it out of your head.

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