Thank You, Library Volunteers!

Happy National Volunteer Week, April 21-27, 2013








National Volunteer Week is a time to celebrate and recognize individuals who give of their time and talents to the benefit of the community.

This past year, our library has directly benefited from generous gifts of time, effort, and/or resources from several folks in our community.  Some of these people and groups, in no particular order, include:

Isaiah Redalen     Stacey & Richard McKnight     Keagan Clarke     Tim & Susan Gossman

Connie Fossen     Mark Manus     Mary Kay Murray     Tim McLaughlin     Lynn Harstad

Sharlene & John Owens     David & Jessica Frank     Lanny Severson     Beth Helgeson

Margaret Viss     Darrell Costello     Mimi Seamens     Denise Mullen     Elaine Stadum

Debra Collum     Donna Cramer     Janice Welch     Karen & Ron Greenslade

Kelly Poshusta     Helene Spelhaug     Rita Charlton     Shirley Clemens     Dora Kammer

Mary Anderson     Gloria Ungemach     Toni Wolski     Library Board

Friends of the Library     Sassy Quilters     City Hall Staff     City Maintenance Crew

Chatfield Center for the Arts Board     Donors of gently used materials

Purchasers of Kwik Trip cards & gently used materials for sale at the library

To all of you, and those who didn’t get mentioned by name, we truly appreciate you.  Our library … our community … is better because of you.

Thank you for all you do!!

(This list will likely keep growing this week as I keep thinking of more people to add!)