Overdrive has changed!

Overdrive welcomes you to the Next Generation of access to your library’s digital collection!  They’re intention is to make it “faster and more intuitive to connect you to the books you love.”
MarketingOutreach_Libraries_WebGraphics4Click HERE to access steps designed to answer your questions and help you get acquainted with the new experience.


Overdrive offers step-by-step help for almost anything you want to do.  Click HERE to check it out.


Additionally, SELCO Staff members have prepared these guides:

Using an eInk Device (i.e. Nook Simple Touch)

Using a Device with Apps (i.e. iPad)

Using a Kindle

Sometimes it can seem confusing or overwhelming to get started, but it is sooooo worth the effort!  Once you get things set up and learn the process, it becomes easy.  Really!!