OverDrive and iOS issues

Are you having trouble with OverDrive and your iOS device?  If so, take heart … you are not alone.  It is clear OverDrive knows about it and is working on solutions.  Below are their latest facebook posts regarding these issues.  If you read the comments after the latest one on facebook, you will see that some people find they are losing books they already have checked out when downloading the new app.

We will pass on any new information as we receive it.

OverDrive for Libraries
February 5 at 2:16pm ·

Thank you for the feedback regarding the OverDrive app update for iOS. We appreciate your frustration with the issues some users have been having with the app. We are working on the fix and have requested an expedited approval from Apple so that our users can access their titles through the app again.

As we have mentioned previously you can still access your titles by logging into your library site through your web browser and using the OverDrive Read version of the titles in the meantime.

We are not given an exact date or time for when the app will be approved by Apple but you should be able to update your app soon.

The OverDrive app update is now available in the App Store. It addresses many of the issues users were having.

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