Library System Upgrade

This upgrade will take place on Tuesday, May 24th through Thursday, May 26th.

Some services will be affected during these days. 

Already an adjustment has been made so that nothing will be due on any of those days as we will not be able to check items in.  Anything you check out that would normally be due on one of those days is given an automatic extended loan period, making the due date May 27th instead.  If it does not inconvenience you, it would be easier for library staff if you did not return any items May 24th – May 25th.  

We will be able to check items out on all 3 days using backup circulation software. 

We will not be able to credit overdue payments or renew items on the 24th and 25th. 

Aquabrowser, the online catalog, will be available for searching but you will not be able to make requests, renewals, or online payments on the 24th or 25th

The public computers and Overdrive downloadable services will be available for use all 3 days. 

It is hopeful that most regular functionality of all services will return on May 26th, but there may be periods of “down” time during some final operations that need to occur. 

We hope that this upgrade will not inconvenience you too much and that we can all muster up the patience that the inevitable ups and downs of software upgrades frequently require!  Thank you, in advance!