January Lib. Bd. Meeting cancelled

Did you know that 9 people serve as volunteers on our Library’s governing Library Board?  They are appointed by the Mayor and serve 3-year terms.  Each member may, and many do, serve up to 3 consecutive terms.

Governing boards have full authority over the governance of the library. They hire the library director, set policy, and work closely with the director in establishing and presenting the library’s budget to the local government…. [They] develop and implement policies that govern library services. They also work with library administration in planning and setting goals for the library.

Minnesota Public Library Trustee Handbook, 2017

State Library Services, MN Dept. of Education

Our library board members do so much more for the library than anyone might realize.  We are so grateful for their service and dedication!

Beginning in February, our meetings will take place every 1st Thursday at the library at 7pm, as long as there are agenda items. Library Board meetings are open to the public.