Food Drive

Specific Food Items Needed

Peanut butter – need 30 regular (16 oz.) jars per month

Individual Applesauce or other Fruit cups

Chewy Granola bars                          Cereal (15 oz. or less)

Fruit & grain bars                               Pudding cups

Boxed Rice Krispie treats                  Canned pasta meals

Rice a Roni                                        Snack pack raisins

Macaroni & cheese                            Noodles/rice sauce mixes

Sauce mixes                                      Canned vegetables

Tuna Helper                                      Tuna

Canned soup                                     Saltine crackers

Items need to fit in a backpack.  A weekly bag contains 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 snack and supplemental food for each child in the home in grades K-12.  (60 students at present.)

Please, no glass jars and all items must have a label. 

Please drop off at the library through March 15, 2017.

Thank you!!