Back in business!

Our online automation system is back up!!  We are hard at work trying to catch up on 3 days of work! 

Please do not worry about items that may appear overdue on your account.  We are checking everything in as if it were returned last Saturday (4/14/12) so once we get to your items you will not be charged overdues on them. 

This photo shows only some of the piles that have accumulated as a result of this week’s system outage.  We beg your patience as we work our way through it.

Kudos to SELCO staff for dealing so well with a number of extremely frustrating circumstances that were beyond their control!  Being without the many services this week that we are so used to having really brings it home how truly valuable those services are.

My personal thanks to our wonderful patrons who have been so patient while so many services were not available this week!  I’m also so grateful to Kay and Leslie for their patience and professionalism in dealing with the stress and extra work that inevitably results in such an extended period of system outage!

Sincerely, Monica