Showered with hearts! This is the last week to see it in person!


Heart Bomb entire buidling front_edited-1

These hearts beautify both the inside and the outside of the library entrance …

Heart Bomb Front Entrance_edited-1Heart Bomb 2

Heart bomb from inside reading room1 heart bomb from inside 3       heart bomb from inside 2and the Reading Room windows, as well as the original entrance!  Plus there are more lining the windows on the back of the building and hanging in various places inside!

Heart Bomb 5

And if that were not enough, thanks to Valleyland kids, there are also Fruit Loop hearts hanging in the bushes out front!

hearts-reflection-entryway hearts-reflection-2-entrywa

Even the reflections of our hearts are beautiful!

Wow!  We asked to be “Heart-Bombed” and did you ever respond!  Folks of ALL ages contributed beautiful hearts and have been charmed by the result.  So charmed, that they convinced library staff to keep the hearts up throughout the month of February instead of just the week of Valentines Day.  After all … it is “I Love to Read” month!

Photos cannot do justice to the beauty of this display of library love!  If you have not stopped by the library to see them first hand yet, you have until the end of February to do so! Some of our creative artists have expressed an interest in keeping the hearts they contributed, so we will remove them as carefully as we can and keep them at the library for 2 weeks.  You are most welcome to come sift through and find your hearts then and take them home.

We thank you so much for showing such a tremendous amount of enthusiasm:

  • for our 100 year old Carnegie library building,
  • for reading,
  • and for anything & everything you love about our library!

If you are interested in reading about the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota and how their “Heart Bombing” initiative helps bring attention to cherished historic buildings, check out these links: