System restored!

In case you didn’t know … the SELCO automation system has been down since Tuesday night … but is now back up! 

SELCO and many, many others lost power due to Tuesday night’s storm.   Late this afternoon everything was brought back up after an awful lot of hard work on the part of many people.  Thank you SELCO staff for working tirelessly to get all the libraries back up and fully functioning as quickly as you could!

Now there is a tremendous amount of work to be done here before we can say we have caught up.   We beg your patience as we work through the piles and piles and piles of items to check in.  If you called or stopped in this week and asked us to renew something, order something, register you, or complete some other task for you, we are working hard to complete all those tasks as well. 
If you check your account and see items listed there that you know you have returned, please don’t get alarmed.  It will take us awhile to get everything checked in.  Everything that we check in will be checked in as if it was returned on Tuesday, so there shouldn’t be any overdue fines resulting from the outage.
The patience and understanding you’ve all shown during the inconvenience of these past few days has been nothing short of spectacular!!  We appreciate that more than you’ll ever know and beg that you stretch your patience just a little longer as we work hard to catch up.  Thank you!