iOS Users will need to re-authorize Adobe ID for Overdrive

Overdrive graphiciOS users will be prompted to re-authorize their Adobe IDs when opening OverDrive Media Console  for the first time after the May 28th update.   If you don’t remember your password, click on “Trouble signing in?” below the “Sign In” button on the “My Adobe Account” sign in page and you can reset your password.  There is no need to develop a new Adobe account.

OverDrive explains:

OverDrive Media Console v2.6.5 is coming to iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and Android on May 28th.

This release is all about bug-fixes to improve the end user experience….

Due to a change in Apple’s privacy policies, we’ve had to make changes to the way we handle licensing of EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks.  As a result, the OMC for iOS v2.6.5 update will de-authorize every users’ Adobe ID.  Upon opening OMC for the first time after the update, users will be prompted to re-authorize.

Audiobook users that have only partially downloaded an audiobook prior to the update will need to return to the library bookshelf to download any missing parts.  If users try downloading missing parts directly without first reactivating the download from their library website bookshelf, they will receive a ‘downloadManagerErrorDomain:403’ error.

Note: The Adobe authorization and audiobook download issues will only impact iOS users.

We’ve created two help articles to help end users through both Adobe authorization and audiobook download: