FYI: How to adjust size of text …

Here are a few simple tips for adjusting text size from
  • In browsers such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, you can enlarge text on your screen by holding down the Control (“Ctrl”) key on your keyboard and tapping the “+” key. (If you use Apple’s Safari browser, use the Command key instead.)
  • To return the text to its normal size, tap the “-” key while holding down the Control (or Command) key.
  • You also can hold down the Control or Command key, then use the wheel on your mouse to increase or decrease the text size on your screen.
  • Still another way to enlarge text on your screen is to use the “Text Size” or “Make Text Larger” command within “View” in the drop-down menu bar that appears at the top of your screen when you use popular software programs such as Microsoft Word and Outlook. On a Mac, the View menu has a “Zoom” option to enlarge text in Word and other applications.