Your donations of rather recent DVDs, music CDs, audio CDs, and books to the library are so appreciated … especially during these times of reduced budgets and increased costs.  Your generosity benefits the whole community!

It would help us get newly donated materials out on the shelves much quicker if you would include a little note with any items you donate in the drop boxes.  People often return their own privately owned materials to the library by accident.  When we receive materials that do not belong to the library and are not labeled in any way we have no way of knowing whether they were intended to be a donation or if  they were turned into the library by mistake.  We always have a collection of items like this set aside waiting to see if someone will come and claim them.  A simple sticky-note with the word “donation” on it would help us get these items out on the shelves, available to patrons right away.

Thanks so much for sharing your gently used, newish materials with the library … and by doing so … with your friends and neighbors!