Board Meeting Minutes 2/1/2024

Chatfield Public Library Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Agenda

February 1, 2024   

7:00pm at the Chatfield Public Library

Present: Monica Erickson (Librarian), Debra Collum, Todd Johnson, Dave Frank, Mike Speck, Karen Greenslade, George Spangler, Ann Halloran, Sandy Sullivan and Kathy Kamnetz

Absent: none

I.     Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President, Mike Speck.

II.     Welcome new Board member, George Spangler

III.     Approval of January Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve by Todd Johnson, seconded by Sandy Sullivan. Motion passed.

IV.    Budget Review

  1. Total expenditures for the year so far is 8.33% which is on budget; the library has not been billed for the new furnace yet.
  2. The purchase of Kwik Trip cards always pushes the programming budget line over budget, but the resulting income from them as fundraising makes up for it and then some. There was also conversation about raising awareness within the community that Kwik Trip cards are available to be purchased from the library.
  3. Olmsted County has already distributed the money they will provide to the library for the year. Fillmore County distributes money in multiple disbursements throughout the year.

V.     Old Business (none)

VI.    New Business

Annual Meeting Tasks

  1. Set day and hour of regular meetings:
    1. 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm. A motion was made by Todd Johnson and seconded by Kathy Kamnetz. Motion passed.
  2. Elect officers:
    1. Treasurer – Karen Greenslade nominated Todd Johnson, seconded by Mike Speck. Motion passed.
    2. Vice President – Karen Greenslade nominated Dave Frank, seconded by Todd Johnson. Motion passed.
    3. Secretary – Sandy Sullivan nominated Ann Halloran, seconded by Dave Frank. Motion passed.
    4. President – Karen Greenslade nominated Mike Speck, seconded by Kathy Kamnetz. Motion passed.

Approval of new SELCO ILS Agreement

  1. Many schools have left SELCO/SELS because of the cost. This agreement is for only one year as SELCO can’t be sure how many more school libraries will drop out in the next year.
  2. SELCO is beginning the search for a new ILS.
  3. Motion made by Todd Johnson to accept the agreement and seconded by Karen Greenslade. Motion passed.

SELCO Foundation investment

The $34,906 that we have in a 12 month CD will be coming due February 15th, so we need to decide what to do with this money and the resulting interest. Tim McLaughlin, our SELCO Foundation Rep, recommends we put it into another one year CD as rates are anticipated to increase.  The 1 year rate is the highest rate available and that is 4.75%. SELCO is going to check around to see if they could find a better rate, but Tim says anything close to 5% is good.

  1. After discussion making sure the library has access to other funds should any unexpected expenses arise, Todd Johnson moved to reinvest the entirety including interest for one year, seconded by Debra Collum. Motion passed.
  2. Conversation about what financial pieces of the library’s maintenance are and should be paid for by the library itself vs the city.

New Storytime Provider hire – approval of pay and hours

  1. Reviewed job description, responsibilities, hours and wage.
  2. Motion to approve by Karen Greenslade to pay new Storytime Provider $15.82/hr for an average of 3 hours per storytime (provided on 1st and 3rd Tuesdays) so approximately 72 hours per year, seconded by Sandy Sullivan. Motion passed.

VII.       Director’s Report

  1. New furnace update: New furnace is installed.
  2. Update on new shelving: The metal shelving materials didn’t arrive until Tuesday, January 30, 2024. Chris and Gary Spelhaug will be in on Friday, February 2, 2024 to assemble the metal “skeleton” of each shelving range to finalize measurements of wood top and sides.
  3. Monica’s Self-Appraisal update: Appraisal is half done. Monica Erickson, Dave Frank and Kathy Kamnetz will set up a time soon to meet and discuss.
  4. Library Strategic Planning Update: Monica and Christy are working on questions for survey.
  5. New Library Cleaner: The new hire found another opportunity before starting. Monica will begin interviewing for the position. Members of the board discussed exploring other options for cleaning such as ABC or DAC out of Preston.
  6. New Storytime Provider employee search: Has begun.

VIII.        Roundtable

Mike Speck: Dragons Love Tacos – CCA is taking a bus to attend this performance in the cities. Mike is looking for someone who could read the book locally on February 14th at 4pm before going to the musical/play. Monica could maybe do the reading. They have the legion room booked at CCA, but would be interested in moving it over to the library instead.

Sandy Sullivan: Wondering about hosting a possible seed exchange program through the library. Monica asked for contact information for Rae Rowell. Sandy will get in touch with her and get her connected with Monica. Seed exchange library – starting seeds and seed exchange.

IX.     Adjourn

Todd Johnson moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Dave Frank. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:09pm.

X.     Upcoming Meetings:  Library Board, March 7, 2024 at 7:00pm

Respectfully submitted by Ann Halloran, Library Board Secretary