Library’s 94th Birthday Celebration – Peggy Hanson


To Celebrate our Library’s 94th Birthday in February 2009 – Friends of the Chatfield Public Library Presented: Peggy Hanson  

February 19, 2009 at 7 pm at the Chatfield Public Library    

This special guest speaker discussed her contributions to the Minnesota Sesquicentennial Cookbook. Peggy is a well known author from Fillmore County and a regular cooking column contributor to local publications. Peggy is also one of the famous Rhubarb Sisters singing group featured on a Prairie Home Companion Radio Show.   I have been writing Real Food for almost three years – it is a biweekly column in the Fillmore County Journal. I am a cheerleader for traditional home cooking, gardening and food preservation. All the columns are archived I believe and I think if you use ‘real food’ as a search term you can find them. I also have been writing for about two years for the magazine Edible Twin Cities – it is a quarterly. I often write a feature called “kids in the kitchen” – I will try to remember to bring some copies with me.” 

Cookbook Author and Rhubarb Sister 

Peggy talked about cooking and writing about cooking. There was no cost to the public. It was a fun evening at our beautiful Chatfield Carnegie Library, Main Street in Chatfield. 

Biographical information (as of 2009) from Peggy Hanson, in her own words:
“I currently own and operate the Cady Hayes House B & B in Lanesboro – I am in my 18th year of being a ‘breakfast professional’ — 

“I also enjoy singing with the women’s trio the Rhubarb Sisters — we had our “fifteen minutes of fame” when The Prairie Home Companion came to Lanesboro in June 2007 for our Rhubarb Festival. Our next gig is May 2, 2009 in Rochester when we will sing for a few hundred red hat ladies. We like being ambassadors for Lanesboro and for rhubarb!”I had my one and only television cooking experience last fall on Twin Cities public television’s Almanac show — Nov 21, 2008 —

Link to the Rhubarb Sisters Website:

For more information about this program or the Friends of the Chatfield Public Library, contact Denise Mullen, Mimi Seamens, Susan Gossman or Elaine Stadum.