January 2006 Friends Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Chatfield Public Library Meeting Minutes

January 19th, 2006


Members in Attendance: Charlotte, Janice, Denise, Marj, Susan, Evie, Robin, Rosemary, Mimi, and Frank

Previous Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Checking: $382.71 Savings: $2879.63 SELCO Foundation: $1702.24

Old Business:

King Tut Trip: Various scenarios were discussed for making a trip to Chicago. The group decided to pursue potential arrangements for a Thursday through Saturday trip. Janice and Denise will check on various tour group information and rates.

New Business:
General discussion about activites for 2006. Discussion of appropriate use of email for Friends Business.

Election of Officers:
President: Mimi Seamens
Vice President: Denise Mullen
Treasurer: Susan Gossman
Secretary: Marj French

Next Meeting:

91st Library Birthday party – Special Events beginning at 4:00 p.m. February 16th. Potluck and Game night to follow.