2012 Friends Meeting Minutes



January 19, 2012


PRESENT:  Mimi, Debra, Denise, Susan, Donna, Janice, Elaine

Minutes from November 2011 meeting posted online at Chatfield Library site.

Treasurer’s Report: RRSB c/a:  $483.70; RRSB s/a: $3,752.10.  Motion to donate $50 to MN Library Foundation made by Mimi, seconded by Donna, passed unanimously.  Motion to give library staff three $20 gift certs to Old Tyme made by Mimi, seconded by Janice, passed unanimously.

New business:  Ohman MN book presentation on February 23rd at the American Legion Room at Chatfield Center for the Arts.  Debra will provide insulated coffee pots; Monica requests salty or sweet treats suitable for napkin or paper cup and please furnish cookie plate or footed cake plate, etc.  Posters advertising this event were available to those who could post them in the area.  This presentation will take the place of our regular meeting in February.

Officers:  Mimi – President; Denise – VP; Susan – Treasurer; Elaine – sec’y.

Review of dues and dues collection from members:  individual & student – $5; family – $15; sustaining – $25-50.

Request made by Elaine that we try to get more lighting at the Book Barn.  Susan is going to mention this to appropriate person at the Root River State Bank.  Denise suggested we have a Dumpster to dispose of culled books, but Elaine is willing to continue to take them down to Preston Recycling which disposes of them for free.

Debra asked what contribution the Friends could make to the Easter/Christmas/Hallowe’en community children’s goody bags.  Bookmarks suggested or possibly even clean, age-appropriate books from the Book Barn for toddlers through 5th or 6th graders.  Lyman and LouAnne Hare will be able to tell us how many are needed.

The group discussed what they had been reading the past two months.

Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Stadum