2011 Friends Meeting Minutes



OCTOBER 20, 2011

PRESENT:  Mimi, Deborah, Denise, Sue, Elaine (no quorum present at start of meeting)

No action taken till quorum present when Mimi and Deborah arrived.

Treasurer’s Report:  Fall sale proceeds were $45.25; paid $46 to the Western Days Committee for our 15 percent dues; c/a – $483.62, RRSB s/a $3,751.09, and $1,400 approximately at SELCO.

Old business:  Discussion of creating an honorarium draw for the librarian to use in hosting speakers.  Motion by Mimi to offer the library director $250 per year as an honorarium draw, seconded by Elaine, passed unanimously.

New business:  Mr. Doug Ohman is scheduled to speak again on Minnesota subjects on February 23, 2012, at Potter pursuant to a grant from the Legacy Fund.  Since this is the library’s birthday month, the Friends will assist in providing refreshments.  Discussion on food tie-in to his program fell into the category of food for thought.  He’s going to be speaking at several libraries in SE MN this winter, so it would be nice to shine.

Mimi has extra daylilies and was wondering if it would be all right to plant them in the front lawn pocket garden.  No problem.  It would cut down on the number of plants needed to fill in in the spring.

November meeting is 11/17/11 at the library.


Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Stadum


September 15, 2011


Present:  Denise, Mimi, Susan, Donna, Janice  & Elaine

Treasurer’s report by Susan:  S/A July 2011 – $3,749.35; C/A as of current date $513.36, not including proceeds from September 10th sale.  There was a returned check on the book sale for $6.25; no action to send a letter or prosecute taken.

Western Days:  Suggested closing in the future at eight p.m. as it gets too dark by nine p.m. closing and staying open noon to three on Sunday to coordinate with car show.

September sale:  Grossed approximately $45 which will pay our 15 percent Western Days dues.  Next year, in order to reduce inventory prior to winter, we are having a $2 bag sale during the September sale.  Denise covered the stacks with sheets.  An advantage to being open during the September Citywide Sales is that we can use that slower sale date to shelve donations.

Free table — worked out well in May sale.  [Note:  we talked about signage.  Elaine has a “Free” sign she’s used in the past on items she puts on the curb which the Book Barn is welcome to have.]

Discussion of sales tax on book sales.  F of L locally is too small and our sales are too infrequent, so we are not liable for this. 

SELCO Library Foundation meeting, attended by Denise.  This is an opportunity to invest in riskier funds than CD’s through Mutual of America Securities.  Since we only have $1,400 in the SELCO S/A, we do not want to tie up the money long term.  Our by-laws have no restriction on what we can invest in.

Mimi suggested that we authorize an honorarium draw of up to $250 for Monica so she knows she has that money available when arranging speakers.  Tabled until next meeting.

We have been queried during the sales as to where the money goes.  Anybody want to create a display to be up during our sale days?

Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Stadum


May 19, 2011

at the Chatfield Public Library

Present:  Denise, Linda (new member) and Elaine.  Because a quorum was not present, no items were discussed that required a vote but we did go over matters which may be addressed at future meetings without taking any action on any matter.

Old business:  Reviewed 3/11 minutes.

Prospective issues:  New book pricing at Book Barn.  Elaine is proposing that we price trade softcovers at the same price as hardcovers and price children’s books and regular paperbacks at $25.  If this is passed, Elaine will print more of the attached signs for the book barn.  Also discussed putting up posters advertising the Western Days sale at places such as the Rochester Friends Book Store.

Denise discussed our contribution to the summer reading program.  The past two years funding has been cut to $600 and the Friends have contributed $450.  An informal advisory poll taken by Denise indicated that the $450 contribution was still supported by Janice, Sue, Elaine and Denise.  Denise will let Monica know informally and we will ratify this contribution formally at the next meeting pursuant to any further discussion.

Discussion issue for our next meeting will deal with being open for the Fall Festival.

Denise will ask Sassy Quilters for contribution to the reading program.

Mimi was unable to attend as her husband was in the ER with emergency appendicitis surgery! So next meeting we will ask her about the free book table and whether it assisted sales over Trash & Treasure Days.

Any fundraising ideas?

Submitted by Elaine Stadum, Sec’y



ON MARCH 17, 2011

Present:  Denise, Sue, Donna, Elaine, Mimi, Jan

Business:  Appreciation was expressed over the musical show provided through MN Legacy Funds at the Library’s anniversary celebration and that led to a discussion on how the Legacy funds may be used for library programming, microfiche’g, author programs, and various restrictions on the use of those funds.

Treasurer’s report:  c/a – $459.47; s/a $3,895.46.  No SELCO fund update.  $1,547.06 paid by FoL to the Chatfield Library in 2010, in addition to expenses and donations paid by FoL.  There was a review of expenditures and earnings.  FoL spent more than we took in during 2010.  Discussion of tax form.

$25 to the MN Association of Friends, proposed by Mimi and unanimously approved.  Denise moved a $50 donation to MN Library Foundation, seconded by Mimi, approved unanimously.

Discussion of our 2011 goals, in particular if we will participate in obtaining a grant for the Sassy Quilters to plant the patchwork flower bed.  Since our active membership is low, Denise is going to talk to the Sassy Quilters to see if they want to continue doing the flowerbed and if they would approach the Women’s Community Club for funding.  Sharlene Owens, Library Board member, was going to ask the Board if there was a particularly area of funding the Library would like the FoL to look at.  We have not heard back from her.  FoL had contributed $450 to the summer reading program in 2010.

BOOK SALE:  Our next meeting will be at the book barn on April 21, 2011, to shelf books and clean.  The meeting is at seven p.m. but Elaine plans to open up at six p.m. and start getting the books from the Township Room over to the barn.    May 7th is the book sale and Mimi will have a sign-up sheet at the April meeting.  The hours are 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Elaine is going to check with the jail administrators in Houston and Fillmore Counties to see if they would like paperbacks.  We are going to set up a table in front of the Library for free VCR’s and books and also one outside the book barn.

Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Stadum, Sec’y