2009 Friends Minutes

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY REGULAR MEETING – October 15, 2009, at the chatfield Public Library, Chatfield, Minnesota

Present: Denise, Mimi, Jan, Elaine, David.

Old business: Mimi will put the Book Barn “to bed” for the winter when she brings over her unsold books from the eBay and half.com sales.
New business:�
1. Sassy Quilters asked Friends to sign a grant application for the Chosen Valley Community Foundation for the library flower garden. These funds will be disbursed through the Sassy Quilters and not the Friends, even though FoL is signing the grant.
2. Chatfield Library, in an effort to cut expenses, is going to the SELCO free Web hosting rather than contracting with A Plus at $350 annually, which is half the usual contract for non-profits. The $350 was due October 1st but the Library has requested three months more service to the end of the year as a transition. It is unknown at this time whether the Friends will get space on the SELCO Chatfield Library site.
3. Five-day residency for musical group. There would be a cost of $200 for promotional materials and incidentals for this through the Rochester Library and Cannon Falls Library. Decided it was not feasible.
4. Small Library competition. If the Friends are interested in this, we need to start a portfolio–perhaps a committee should be formed?
5. Meeting with Library Board to introduce ourselves and find out what the Board would suggest we participate in or focus on. Elaine will send an e-mail to Monica asking that she schedule us at the Board’s convenience and let us know the date.

Next meeting is November 19, 2009. There is no December meeting.

Submitted by Elaine Stadum, Secretary, on October 28, 2009

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY REGULAR MEETING – September 17, 2009, at the Chatfield Public Library, Chatfield, Minnesota

Denise, Sue and Elaine present. Our June and July meetings were cancelled in order for the members instead to meet at the Book Barn to cull and clean.

Treasurer’s report by Sue: Western Days 2009 garnered $342.53, compared to $380 in Western Days 2008. The Fall Trash & Treasure sales were $56.25 and the used book shelf at the library netted $74.15. the Spring Trash & Treasure resulted in $165.25 in sales. Checking account balance as of 9/09 is $1,594.95 and the savings account balance is $3,681.38 as of June 2009. The SELCO Foundation account EOY 2008 was over $1,300. Expenses included $300 for the summer reading program and $100 for the Sassy Quilters library flowerbed.

New Business: Elaine reported that the Book Barn definitely will need additional rearranging before the spring sale because of the large number of books sold. The Friends decided not to participate in the October Festival because the Book Barn has been open in August and September already, so Sue and Denise will arrange to get the books covered for the year.

October 15, 2009, at seven p.m. at the Library is the next meeting.

Submitted by Elaine Stadum, Sec’y

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY REGULAR MEETING March 19, 2009, at the Chatfield Public Library, Chatfield, Minnesota

ATTENDEES: Mimi, Sue, Rita, Denise, Elaine

11/20/08 minutes read. Treasurer’s report given reviewing book sales (Mimi’s on-line success was noted), memberships for 2008, Thrivent matching grant for total receipts of $1,797.65; review of expenditures; e/o/y balance in SELCO fund was $1,329.11, checking account as of 2/19/09 was $1,853.05, and savings was $3,176.66 e/o/y. New membership and a memorial given in memory of Mrs. Siemens was noted.

OLD BUSINESS: Thank-you to Sue for arranging speaker. Ancestry.com subscription reported by Elaine. The cost was deemed too high in view of the demands of existing programs and anticpated cuts in funding to the Library. No action taken.

Library staff appreciation dinner–discussion whether to hold it in April during National Library Week or provide treats to the staff from the Chocolate Twist.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion of fundraising training for Denise, representative to the SELCO Board. Deemed not worth the effort because when tried before the expenditures equalled the revenues obtained.

Summer Reading Program: Discussion of increasing funding. Motion to fund a minimum of $450 to a maximum of $600 by Mimi, seconded by Elaine, passed unanimously.

Election of Officers: Same slate as current. Denise, president; Sue, treasurer; and Elaine, sec’y.

NEXT MEETING: April 16, 2009, at the Book Barn. Members who can may start as early as six p.m. with cleaning and organization in preparation for the May Trash and Treasure Day. Discussion of creating better signage and display of children’s books.

The Friends hosted a public presentation by Ms. Peggy Hanson, food columnist for the Fillmore County Journal.

FRIENDS OF THE CHATFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY REGULAR MEETING – January 15, 2009 was cancelled due to extreme cold. A cookbook author and speaker will be featured at our February 19th meeting, celebrating our Library’s 94th Birthday!! The annual election of officers will be postponed to our March 19, 2009 meeting.