2008 Friends Meeting Minutes

FRIENDS OF THE CHATFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY – no February meeting: The Friends hosted a public presentation by Ms. Peggy Hanson, food columnist for the Fillmore County Journal, in honor of the library’s anniversary.


Present: Denise, Mimi, Sue, Elaine and Rita. Minutes from October 16, 2008, meeting were read; treasurer’s report on balance of checking and SELCO Foundation accounts was received. The Friends paid MN Assn of Library Friends membership of $25. Elaine gave a preliminary report on the feasibility of the Friends purchasing an Ancestry.com subscription for the Chatfield Library. Rochester Public Library spends $8,000 per year on this “hugely popular” service, the cost of which is based on population or circulation. She had a call in to Bill Bauer, the salesman at Ancestry.com, for a figure for a library the size of Chatfield, and this will be provided at the next meeting. Review of sales for the year — approximately $1,200! Sue needed an approximation of volunteer hours to submit to Thrivent for the 50 percent matching grant. A highlight of the on-line sales was selling the Vincent Price cookbook for $55. In view of Mimi’s success, a suggestion was made to offer Spirit of the Valley on-line. Motion by Mimi to donate $50 to the Rushford Library for flood relief, seconded by Rita, passed unanimously. Revised motion clarifying that the monies would go to the library and not the city of Rushford or a foundation or general fund was made by Mimi and seconded by Sue and passed unanimously. Brief discussion of Peggy Hanson as speaker for February meeting. Tentatively scheduled the Christmas dinner for library staff and Friends for January 12th at Old Tyme Cafe. Next meeting is January 15, 2009, at seven p.m. at the Chatfield Public Library.


Present: Denise, Sue and Elaine. Discussion of sales and hours open at the Book Barn for the Fall Festival. It was decided to shorten the hours from ten a.m. to two p.m. Proceeds were approximately $65. It was noted that this year we were not included in the advertising; however, the book stand on Main Street definitely helped direct patrons to the Book Barn. Denise will call Judy Sogla at Thrivent to begin the process of applying for the 50 percent matching sales grant. Sue gave the treasurer’s report. No secretary’s report this month. We discussed a possible speaker for the Febraury 2009 meeting at the Library’s anniversary and Elaine brought up purchasing a subscription to Ancestry.com for the library and will provide more information at the next meeting.

The library staff surprised the Friends with lovely apricot roses and a delicious carrot cake in honor of National Friends Week. It was very appreciated!

Next meeting is November 20, 2008, at seven p.m. at the library.


Held at the Chatfield Public Library at seven p.m. Present: Denise, Mimi, Sue, Rita, Jan and Elaine. Monica Erickson, Librarian, attended to explain books on CD and playaways to the members. Minutes from May – July were reviewed. Financial report given. $1,323.67 in checking and as of March 2008 $2,669.86 in savings. September’s Trash and Treasure book sale earned $71.50 and on-line sales earned $26.49. The members were reminded that the Friends are expected to contribute 10-15 percent of the net from sales during Western Days to the WD organizing committee.

New business: Book sale during Chatfield’s Annual Fall Festival. Mimi will design a display table for the front library lawn to let people attending activities in the park know the Book Barn is open. We discussed having a basket of free books on that table, etc. Volunteers will staff the Book Barn from eight a.m. to two p.m. and at the end of that sale the Barn will be closed and the books covered for the winter. David Stadum will be asked to make a sign for the Book Barn informing patrons that the proceeds from the 2008 WD sale and the Thrivent 50 percent matching grant will be used to purchase books on CD. Sue and Rita volunteered to review the catalogs and submit suggestions on CDs.
The donation motion was made by Mimi and seconded by Rita and passed unanimously.

Mimi reminded the Friends that the Web hosting invoice for the library is coming up. In 2007 that bill was $350 and the FoL paid half. There has been no request made for contribution this year.

Programs for next year were discussed. Suggestions were for a Groen Tea and various themes and having Peggy Hanson speak on her cookbook experience for MN’s 150th Anniversary, possibly a speaker on women’s health issues.

The meeting concluded with a discussion of members’ current reads.

The next meeting will be October 16, 2008, at seven a.m. at the Chatfield Public Library.


The Friends met again at the Book Barn in lieu of their regular meeting to complete culling, shelving and cleaning. Workers are needed for the book sale over Western Days. The Fillmore County jail will take recent Readers Digest Condensed books on a trial basis, so a box of those books and a box of paperbacks were delivered to the jail later that week. Next meeting is September 18, 2008, at seven p.m. at the Chatfield Public Library. (There will be no regular Friends of the Library meeting in August.)


In lieu of the regular June meeting, the Friends met to do upkeep on the Book Barn collection. We had a large turnout and a great deal of work was accomplished. The Friends will meet to complete the work on July 17, 2008, at seven p.m. Preston Recycling Center has informed us that they will recycle the books, including the hardcover books.


Denise, Pres.; Mimi, V. Pres.; Elaine, Sec’y.

TREASURER’S REPORT e-mailed to members by Sue reported Book Barn sales from Trash & Treasure Day was $205.25 and library book shelf revenue was $60.09, although it needs to be clarified whether that last amount included internet sales by Mimi.

NEW BUSINESS: The Book Barn shelves need reorganization. The June and July Friends meeting will be devoted to sorting and reshelving. We will be advertising these dates as book donation nights. Elaine will print up a notice to be posted at the Book Barn explaining when and where book donations can be made so we can avoid patrons thinking books can only be donated the day of sale.

E-mail harvesting — contact Mimi if you are posting, pasting, or copying your e-mail address in any Friends document online so she can mask it to avoid e-mail “harvesting.”

OLD BUSINESS: Judy Sogla of Thrivent revised criteria for 50 percent matching grant for sales and donations. Subject to further clarification, the Friends can track our sales and donations to 12/30/08 and write a check to Thrivent and it will be returned with a $.50 on the dollar matching sum up to $1,000. Denise will check into this further as to specifics.

The theme for the summer reading program is “What’s Cooking at Your Library,” and the request for our support of the program is $300. Kickoff is June 12, 2008, and the Friends will provide cupcakes for app. 80 participants.

NEXT MEETING — June 19, 2008, seven p.m., at the Book Barn. Mimi will get the key and we will reorganize and discard books!


Denise, Pres.; Mimi, V. Pres.,; Susan, Treasurer; Elaine, Sec’y; and Member Karen G. February 21, 2008 minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: $1,260.36 checking at RRSB as of 3/17/08; $2,669.86 savings account at RRSB as of 3/31/08 and $1,271.32 in the SELCO account.

Old Business: Mimi and Susan will work on the e-postcard IRS filing form for 990-N for non-profits making under $25,000 annually. The necessary form has already been filed with the MN Sec’y of State.

Approval granted to posting of minutes on line rather than reading a hard copy at the regular meetings. Any member can send corrections/additions to Email Elaine by clicking here.

New business: Barb Wegman donation of her mother’s books acknowledged. Mimi and Elaine picked these up and they will be offered at the Book Sale on the 3rd of May. Approval granted to donate paperbacks to the Houston and Fillmore County jails. The book sale is May 3rd, and a signup sheet was passed around and volunteers were requested for the sorting and shelving for April 19th.

National Library Workers Day acknowledged with cards and gifts to the Chatfield library workers.
MN Assn of Library Friends newsletter passed out. Summer reding program dontaiton of $200 approved. It was also brought to the Friends’ attention that there are old membership forms still being used with the old dues on them.

Judy Sogla from Thrivent approached Denise with a proposal to do 50 percent matching funds from book sale proceeds; however, there were conditions and because of the extremely short notice on this proposal, the Friends determined that working with Thrivent on this fund raising would not be a good fit.

Next meeting is May 15, 2008 at the public library in Chatfield.

Friends of the Chatfield Public Library Regular Meeting – February 21, 2008, at the Chatfield Public Library:

Attendees: Denise – President; Mimi, V.President; Susan, Treasurer; Elaine, Sec’y; Issy, and Janice. Minutes from 1-17-08 read and approved. Treasurer’s report – thank you’s from Charlotte and Monica and Tony for gift cert in lieu of Christmas dinner; $50 sent to the MN Library Foundation; discussion of renewing the Friends domain registration, due in July. $100 for five years, tabled for further discussion and exploration of cost; new member Lisa N. and dues received from various members in attendance and Karen and Ron G. Old Business: Eagle program reviewed by Mimi; IRS requirement to file Form 990 by 5/15/08 discussed. New business: petition to MN state legislature to increase LGA and the “Tell Your Library Story” forms distributed. Nine copies of the petition were signed. FoL presence at Chatfield Expo discussed. No booth this year due to Holy Week; however, brochures would be available at the Women’s Club booth and the MusicLibrary booth. No regular meeting for March to the Holy Thursday. Used book sale is May 3, 2008. Next regular meeting is April 17, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. Mimi conducted a hands-on demonstration and teaching session for the Friends in Webpage editing.

Friends of the Chatfield Public Library Annual Meeting, January 17th, 2008: In attendance – Mimi, Denise, Elaine and Susan. November (2007) meeting minutes read and approved; treasurers report read and approved; personal thank you sent to librarians by Denise (for November High Tea); a verbal thank you was extended by others attending the tea; Librarian Christmas Dinner was well attended on January 7th at Old Tyme Cafe; gift certificates were issued to librarians not able to attend the dinner. Old Business: programs that worked – Garden Tours and 2007 Musical Garden Tour; Used Book Sale; Amish Cook Author and Columnist speaker; some authors with Chatfield roots. New Business: Elaine offered hosta sale in conjunction with May used book sale; Hosta Society speaker a possibility; upcoming program arranged by Monica February 7th – Eagle speaker and demonstration; plan to open used book sale in 2008 – May, August, September & October; Friends decided to continue online sale of select used books; proposed future speakers: genealogy-based speaker; Historical Society speaker; and ‘Groen Tea’ in spring with speaker. No programs were finalized. Friends of the Library decided to assist Monica with pre-arranged events for now. Approved $50 for MN Library Foundation to assist libraries in crisis. Federal form 990 needs to be filled out this year; Susan and Mimi will work on filing it. Annual election of officers: Denise became President, Mimi became Vice President, Elaine became Secretary and Susan offered to remain as Treasurer. Next Meeting: February 21st at 7 pm. Program: Mimi will show Friends how to edit their pages on our website www.chatfieldpubliclibrary.org