2007 Friends Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Chatfield Public Library 2007 Meeting Minutes


No Meeting in December, 2007 (Friends – Enjoy the Holidays)

Friend’s Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2007: High Tea at the Chatfield Public Library!! Our librarians, Monica and Kay, treated Friends of the Library to a special evening of tea, crumpets, clotted cream, cheese cake and other delicacies experienced in elegant Elizabethan Tea Rooms. Friends in attendance were Denise, Robin, Elaine, Janice, Rita and Mimi. All Friends were delighted with the treat. Our librarians are extraordinary people. The Friends voted to take the librarians out for Christmas Dinner on January 7th at 6:30 pm – location will be Old Tyme Cafe.

Friend’s Meeting Minutes – October 18, 2007: Attended by Marty, Rita, Theresa, Susan and Mimi; past minutes read and approved; treasurers report read and approved.
Old Business: Fall book sort went well on October 6th; books found to place online; 3 books taken to Rochester (Extraordinary Bookseller)
Theresa reported about Musical Garden Tour 2007: Toughest part was lining up the gardens; the Music Lending Library was thrilled with the turnout but does not want to do it again in 2008; maybe every other year or every third year; “It was a beautiful day with beautiful gardens. The musicians were warm but did very well.”
Music Lending Library would like to do another joint event in 2008, but not another garden tour just yet.
New Business: Great Books List was distributed; Group talked of a combined event for summer 2008 (with Music Lending Library) with these possibilities: Art or Quilt show, Musicologist speaker, Composer speaker, etc; Music Lending Library is also a SELCO library; no decisions were made about possible 2008 event.

Friend’s Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2007: Attended by Susan, Denise and Mimi; no previous meeting minutes to approve (sorted used books at July 19th meeting and no August meeting); Treasurers report read and approved; Western Days Used Book Sale total $350; Sept 8th Book Sale total $80; Online used book sales $60; Voted to continue used book sales next year – best option for continued fund raiser; Did we want to host an author? (Voted no, not at this time.); Money given to Summer Reading Program was used to reimburse librarian out-of-pocket expenses, paying for awards and gift certificates; Used book collection needs sorting and retiring for the fall; Decided to meet on a Saturday morning in October to clean, sort and cover books; Mimi will call Olmsted and Fillmore Counties re: recycling books – ask about rules; Friends have a membership in MALF – Friends Day at the MN Library conference is October 25th – any Friend from Chatfield may attend; Friends voted to donate $175.00 to the Chatfield Public Library for 1/2 the annual cost of website hosting ($350); next meeting is October 18th at 7 pm; meeting adjourned.

No Meeting in August, 2007 (Too tired from Western Days Used Book Sale)

No Regular Friend’s Meeting in July – sorting used books at 6:00 pm July 19th, 2007

Friend’s Meeting Minutes – June 21, 2007: Well attended meeting with Mimi, Janice, Isy and Susan there; voted to give $200 to the Summer Reading Program: $100 for young readers and $100 for teen readers; asked for volunteers to help with the Musical Garden Tour; Mimi sold raffle tickets for wall hanging quilt to be given away June 30th with proceeds going to the Music Lending Library; talked about what the Friends had been reading; set next meeting to sort used books before Western Days.

Friend’s Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2007: Only Denise and Mimi attended meeting; talked about Musical Garden Tour coming up June 30th; asked Librarians if they needed anything; Summer Reading Program may need funding; need more Friends here for vote.

No Regular Friend’s Meeting in April – sorting used books at 6:30 – 8:30 April 19th, 2007

Friend’s Meeting Minutes – March, 2007:

Friend’s Meeting Minutes – February, 2007:

Friend’s Meeting Minutes – January, 2007: