November 17th, 2005

Friends of the Chatfield Public Library

Meeting Minutes

November 17th, 2005


Members in Attendance:  Janice, Isabelle, Denise, Marj, Mimi, and Evie

Previous Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking:  299.02

Savings:     2871.45

SELCO Foundation: 1160.24


Old Business:

ASK Letter/Membership Drive:

1883 Brochures were printed and included with the ASK letter which was mailed out November 14th. $150 in donations have been received

but no new memberships.


            Brass Band Lending Library Tour:

                        Numerous Friends attended and were very impressed with the Band


Continued Discussion about how to best assist other community organizations

            such as the Brass Band Library and the Assisted Living Library. Further

            discussion is needed for how to best organize our efforts and projects to

            accomplish this.                                                                                  

New Business:


            Website Puzzle:

Three entries were received for the Website Puzzler. Don French won the $20 Gift Certificate.

            Website Development:

                        The Website continues to grow and develop. More reviews have been

                        added. A Teen Website Team has met and started work on expanding the

                        teen portion of the website. New features discussed were having a page

                        describing the artworks and other items on display in the library as well

                        as a DONOR Commemorative Page for biographical information on our

                        generous benefactors.

            New Projects:

                        King Tut  & Newberry Library Tour:

                                    The Friends discussed the possibility of organizing and sponsoring

                                    A trip to Chicago to see the King Tut Display which opens there in

                                    March 2006. The Newberry Library is another unique facility that                           is nearby and would be interesting to tour. Marj and Mimi will

                                    Check into how this could be arranged. Watch for details.

                        Alice Groen Tea:

                                    Another idea was presented to have a Spring Tea in honor of one

                                    of our benefactors, Alice Groen. This could be combined with        

                                    guest speakers and other activities.

                        Storytelling Group:

                                    Information was presented about a new storytelling group that

                                    needs volunteers.

Read Poster: 

                                    All the Friends present brought their favorite books. Monica took

                                    our picture for a READ poster. Watch for our poster!

Next Meeting:   December 15th at 7:30 p.m.