December 15th, 2005

Friends of the Chatfield Public Library
Meeting Minutes
December 15th, 2005

Members in Attendance: Charlotte, Janice, Isabelle, Denise, Marj and Monica.
Previous Minutes were read and approved.
Treasurer’s Report:
Checking: $389.32
Savings: $2871.45
SELCO Foundation: $1702.24

Old Business:
ASK Letter/Membership Drive: Twenty eight donations/memberships have been received for a total of $697.

New Business:
King Tut Trip: Various scenarios were discussed for making a trip to Chicago. The group decided to pursue potential arrangements for a Thursday through Saturday trip. Marj will check to see what the cost would be and report back at our next meeting in January.

Assisted Living Donation: Motion was made and unanimously approved to give $500 to the Assisted Living facility for the library collection or other materials specifically related to the collection, such as tape players, magnifiers, subscriptions, and so on. The Friends would like to tour the facility and have someone from the facility speak to us about the specific items needed. A representative will be invited to our next meeting.

Website research: Marj asked for assistance in doing research on the artworks and past librarians so that historical information can be posted to the library’s website. Denise offered to get information about the Quilt donated by the Sassy Quilters.

Carnegie Libraries: A recent article was in the Bluff Country Reader about Carnegie Libraries. It was suggested that the author be invited to tour our library and join us at one of our meetings. Marj will email her.

Senior Techies Survey: Copies of the survey were made available.

Wykoff Library Service: Monica updated the Friends on how Library Service will be provided to Wykoff. Most circulation is through St. Johns School so delivery will be provided once weekly and patrons will be able make specific requests for material. The Bookmobile delivered twice per month so this plan should provide better more frequent service for about $1000 per year.

Book Reviews: Reviews are still needed for the website, particularly fiction reviews. Isabelle has a new review and Janice volunteered to do one as well.

Author Events: Monica mentioned there are several local authors interested in signing books. The possibility of having several authors at the Library for our Annual Birthday Party was discussed. Specific plans will be made at our next meeting.

Next Meeting: Annual Meeting, January 19th at 7:30 p.m.