National Quilt Day

The Sassy Quilter Story:
Sassy Quilters were founded during Chatfield’s Sesquicentennial Year, 2003. Local artist Harvey Bernard, Sr suggested creating a Sesquicentennial Quilt to commemorate the Chatfield’s 150th Birthday. With his direction, the quilt was completed (now hanging in the City of Chatfield offices) and the Sassy Quilter group was formed.

A news article was published in the Chatfield News explaining all the community projects enhanced by Sassy Quilters. Among the wonderful projects donated by this group of industrious quilters is a book shelf wall hanging. This beautiful creation was given to the Chatfield Public Library and now hangs in their Children’s Reading Area.

Sassy Quilters also sew beautiful projects for themselves and their families. They utilize the lower level of the Chatfield Public Library for winter quilting retreats, to swap quilting tales and to reflect on the quilting life…..that every project has a beginning and an ending…..that all projects are NOT created equal….and that every project deserves a ‘Touch of Sass.’


Happy National Quilt Day to Everyone!!  (On March 21, 2009) 
What did we do for National Quilt Day, Sassies?
“The best part of National Quilt Day was delivering 10 ‘Sassy’ quilts to babies born in Rochester, Minnesota on March 21st.” (Sassy Q.)
“I am trying to get blocks together for a granddaughter’s graduation quilt by the end of April so I can get it quilted and bound. Cannot believe Jim has a child that old!! Hope you get time to sew!” (Peg B.)
“I found a quilt that I had layered and pinned about five years ago and decided to start quilting it……I will never catch up.” (Carol S.)
“I spent the weekend outside at some informal hunt tests and field trials with my dogs. Did do a little bit of piecing on Sat night. Do you know how long it takes to put 380 4.5 inch blocks together into a king size quilt!!!” (Caroline B.)
“I did not quilt on Saturday. I was working at the Jared Hammell Volleyball Tournament instead.” (Diane V.)
“I spent 6 non-stop hours outdoors at 2 parks, walking to visit Great Grandparents & neighbors, playing in the sandbox, playing baseball, having a picnic at the playground, etc, in an effort to entertain and have fun with three 3 1/2 year olds. Shortly after dinner we were eating ice cream in bed and watching Peter Pan. The closest thing I came to a quilt, is that all were sleeping under quilts early in the evening! It was a great day!” (Maureen R.)
“I did do some quilting. I quilted some of the baby quilt for my nephews baby and sewed up a couple of blocks for my block of the months class. Also spent a couple of hours outside just enjoying the nice weather and picking up sticks from all over the yard. Hope you all had a very nice Saturday. Enjoy the weather!” (Sherrie G)
“I did a little work on the binding for a baby quilt to be sent to New Zealand, but then I had to quit to go to work!” (Kelly B)
“I took my granddaughter to the Mall to look for a dress for a Broadway play she is going to while on her class trip to New York and DC. No one has told the people of Rochester there is a recession going on so consequently the Mall was packed with people. I think I will just lie on the couch and recover and take the quilts up tomorrow. We did find the PERFECT dress though, so it was worth it!” (Mary L)
“Sadly, my oldest and dearest friend died in Michigan on National Quilt Day. We will travel there this week for the funeral.” (Mary B)
“I can see my fabric from here….but alas, I am home for only a short time today….off to the Jared Hammell Volleyball Tournament…” (Karen G)
“I am sewing a baby quilt for a son’s friend; one of my 2009 quilting resolutions, but also took time to walk outdoors.” (Mimi S)
Other Sassy Quilters said, “We went outside and enjoyed the sunshine (on National Quilt Day) instead of sewing.”