Turning Numbers Into Knowledge

Turning Numbers into Knowledge

By Jonathan Koomey

Reviewed by: Darrell


Koomey provides the background and the techniques necessary to help one turn raw numbers into information one can use to make decisions. This book is a very practical, easy to read, introduction to both problem solving and data analysis.


I think this book should be required reading for anyone that has to make decisions. The material in this book is broken down into 5 different sections. The first two parts deal with the basic things one needs to know to get a handle on the spate of information andanalysis we have to deal with each day. These two sections explain how to prepare for and conquer information/analysis overload. The third section, “Assess Their Analysis”, provides tools that will help one decipher and judge the analysis done by others. The fourth section contains 11 short chapters covering specific techniques one can use in their own analysis. The final section, “Show Your Stuff”, explains how one can effectively present both information and analysis to others. Each section contains clear, concise, practical advice for decision makers at all levels.