Summer Begins

Summer Begins: The Callahan Cousins Book 1

By Elizabeth Doyle Carey

Reviewed by: Sarah


The 4 Callahan cousins meet at their grandma’s house on Gull Island to stay for the summer. On the way to the island Hillary decides to start over a family tradition, the flag planting. She hopes her cousins will agree to her plan.


I liked this book because at first only Neeve wants to help Hillary plant the flag and Phoebe and Kate want nothing to do with it. But after they go to boating school and learn more about sailing they feel safer and are more excited to help Hillary plant the flag. I also liked this book because in the beginning the only reason Hillary wants to plant the flag is to try to prove she is a real Callahan. But when it gets closer to the day that the cousins are going to plant the flag she tells her grandma about their plans, her grandma tells her no matter what she will always be a Callahan and part of her family. My favorite part of this bookwas when the cousins were planting the flag. They had just had a picnic lunch and were just off the island when one of the Bickets came, they turned the Callahan’s flag upside down and turned their flag right side up. The next morning Hillary goes back to the island and flips both right side up.