The Stars: A New Way to See Them

The Stars: A New Way to See Them

By H. A. Rey [of Curious George fame]

Reviewed by Marj


This book is a very down-to-earth [pun intended] explanation of the constellations and the earth’s place in our solar system.


In many places this book is touted as being an excellent book for children. That is putting too fine a point on it – this is an excellent book for anyone wanting to have fun looking at the night sky and to garner a basic understanding of how our solar system works. The text is enlightening and the graphics are great. H. A. Rey has a marvelous way of making complex subjects come to light.

This book is an excellent source for anyone who enjoys stargazing but would like to take their level of familiarity and understanding of the stars around us to a higher level. No other equipment is needed [other than perhaps a flashlight with a red lens cover so you can use this manual while you are out gazing at the stars!]

As an aside: this book was first published in 1952. Shortly thereafter, Albert Einstein wrote the author and said, “Many thanks for your lucid and stimulating book. I hope it will find the interest it deserves.” I couldn’t agree more.