Learning, Creating and Using Knowledge

Learning, Creating and Using Knowledge

by Joseph Novak

Book Summary:

Joseph Novak, a professional educator and scientist for over 40 years, shares his educational theory along with his thoughts and research on what changes must be made to solve the educational crisis we face today.

Book Review:

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in learning and education. One of Novak’s main points is that despite huge increases in funding over the past 50 years there has been no real progress in our educational systems. He also contends that business and industry suffer as much from an inability to learn, as do our formal educational institutions. Novak is passionate in making his point that we cannot succeed in the 21st century unless we all become better learners. This book is devoted to the ideas and theories that Novak feels must be embraced to correct this problem. His main suggestions are that we: embrace a new theory of education, make extensive use of proven tools such as concept maps and Vee diagrams (both of which he uses throughout this book) and take advantage of the new technologies which can dramatically improve teaching.