John Adams

John Adams

by David McCullough

Reviewed By: Isabelle


I just finished reading John Adams by David McCullough. Actually I didn’t read the book, I devoured it. I really didn’t care for history in high school or college so John Adams became a history lesson to me: a walk through the American Revolution, the building of the Constitution, the building of the U. S. Navy, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th terms of the Presidencies, and even the War of 1812. Not only is the history of the beginning of the USA explained so well the people involved become real people, but you also come to see their weaknesses, their strengths, their beliefs, and their talents.

This book is a resource book of John and Abigail’s letters, journals and communications through their entire lives. The letters are written with such consistent candor and such vivid detail that you feel you know, understand and love John and Abigail Adams.

My feeling after reading John Adams is that he is the “Father of Our Nation”, and that perhaps politicians of today ought to use the book and John Adams as a role model and guide.