Test Proctoring Policy

The Chatfield Public Library supports the goal of lifelong learning. To that end, the library will generally proctor exams for individuals at the discretion of the Library Director, subject to the availability of authorized staff and resources under the following conditions.

It is the responsibility of the student and the institution requesting the proctoring of a test, to verify that the guidelines and conditions presented here are acceptable to the institution giving the test, before having the exam sent to the Chatfield Public Library.

Test takers and nonprofit institutions will not be charged a fee for this service. For-profit institutions will be charged $25 per proctored test, payable to the Chatfield Public Library within 30 days of the test date. Requests from institutions charging test takers a proctoring fee will not be accepted.

Test takers are required to make arrangements with the Chatfield Public Library for a proctored test no less than 24 hours in advance of a possible test date. Exams will be administered during the library’s operating hours on Tuesday through Saturday. Tests must be completed one half hour before the library closes.

The library environment will not be modified to accommodate a proctored test. The test taker must understand that there may be some degree of noise and activity in the library while they are taking a test. Private, soundproof rooms are not available.

The testing institution must send the test to the library. The test can be sent by U.S. Postal Service, email, FedEx, UPS or other commercial carriers. Tests must include a postage paid return envelope. The test will be held at the library for 30 days. When the test is completed it will be sent by U.S. Postal Service on the next business day. A test will not be accepted or returned by fax.

The proctor administering the test will be a library staff member on duty during the time the test is scheduled. This is not necessarily the person to whom the test is mailed. The Chatfield Public Library will not release personnel information about library staff to an institution requesting the proctoring of a test. If the staff person who gives the test taker the test materials and records the start time must leave before the test taker has completed, he or she may designate another staff member to sign the required documentation.

We cannot provide direct supervision or time discrete portions of a test at specified intervals, but we can note the starting and ending times of the entire exam. The library cannot commit to proctoring an entire course of study or single exams requiring multiple sittings. Requests for exams in series will be treated as separate requests.

Before taking the exam, the test taker will be required to present a valid picture I.D. Library staff cannot interpret test instructions for the test taker nor assist in any technical manner with an online test. Test takers are responsible for supplying all materials, including paper, pencils, and calculators. Test takers are not to bring young children in need of supervision with them. Library staff cannot sign a proctoring verification that attests to more than they are able to do.

Online examinations:

The library will provide a computer that has Internet access. Installation of any special software that may be needed to complete the examination on a library computer is not allowed. If more than 60 minutes are required, the staff may extend the time limit of the public PC workstation to accommodate the exam. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the computing resources are adequate for their testing requirements.

Policy approved by the Chatfield Public Library Board of Trustees on February 16, 2009.

Proctoring Requirements (for the test taker)

1) If tests are sent through email, please have them sent to more than one staff as we have varying schedules.

2) Please schedule date and time with staff, in advance, that you plan to take a test.

3) Please let staff know if you need to cancel a scheduled test time.

4) Please present a photo ID to your proctor when you arrive to take a test.

5) Please provide your own stamps and envelopes.

6) Please do not bring young children with you who need supervision during your test.