Meeting Room Policy

The Library Board and staff are pleased to have a comfortable, pleasant meeting room, which was made possible through a generous monetary donation and through much volunteer time and effort. We are happy to share this room with the community. The following rules need to be observed so others can use and enjoy the space.

Use of the Room:

The primary use of the meeting room will be reserved for Library use.

Other time in the meeting room will be available on a first come, first served basis to any non-profit organization. An individual may reserve meeting time provided the purpose is educational.

The following uses are excluded:

  1. Private social functions such as showers, birthday parties, etc.
  2. Programs which are not suitable for the library’s physical facilities
  3. Programs or gatherings which present a clear and present danger to the welfare of participants, library staff and patrons, and/or the community
  4. For-profit groups soliciting or selling products or services
  5. Religious worship or to promote any single set of religious beliefs to the public
  6. Fundraising purposes, other than those that benefit the library, such as craft or bake sales. Any items offered for sale during a meeting must pertain to the topic of the meeting and be for sale only to the attendees of the meeting on that day.

Any question of interpretation of eligibility for meeting room use will be referred to the Library Director.

All reservations for the meeting room will be made through library staff. Only 2 reservations may be made at a time.

It is necessary for an organization or individual to complete and sign the Damage, Indemnification, and Applicant-Hold-Harmless Agreement form before using the meeting room. Recurrent users may sign the form once yearly.

Public Inquiries

Library meeting room use does not constitute library endorsement of the beliefs or ideas expressed by organizations or individuals using the space. Meetings may not be publicized in a manner that suggests library sponsorship or affiliation.

We reserve the right to release the contact person’s name and phone number in the event of public inquiries regarding an advertised meeting or event to be held in the meeting room.

Library Key

A key may be checked out at the Circulation desk during open Library hours a day or two before your meeting room reservation. If you do not have a valid library card, you must register for one before the key can be checked out to you. The key will be checked out under your name – you will be held responsible for its return. You have 3 open library days to return the key from the day you check it out unless you make special arrangements with library staff.

You may not lend this key to anyone else. Loss of the key or failure to return it shall result in a fine of $160 for which you will be responsible. The fine would be used to defray the cost of re-keying the building locks. (2 doors at approximately $80.00 each.)

Care and Use of Room, Equipment & Furniture:

All set up and arrangement of equipment and furniture shall be the responsibility of the user. Please return items to their original positions before you vacate the meeting room. An informational sheet mounted to the door of the meeting room will assist you in returning items to appropriate locations.

There is a TV, VCR/DVD player, old slide projector, 16mm projector, overhead projector, projection screen, and digital video projector available for your use within the meeting room provided a responsible adult is in charge of this equipment at all times. All this equipment is stored in the room except for the digital video projector. This projector must be requested and reserved in advance. All equipment must be turned off, unplugged, and returned to original positions before you vacate the meeting room. Please report any equipment malfunctions to library staff as soon as possible. The library cannot provide operators for this equipment. If instruction is required for equipment operation, you must set up an appointment for training with library staff in advance.

Wireless internet access is available in the meeting room. You will need to provide your own laptop and agree to abide by the Chatfield Public Library Wireless Access User Agreement.

Coffee makers, a microwave, and refrigerator/freezer are available for your use.

No items may be attached to the walls. Please discuss any special display needs you may have with library staff in advance of your meeting and accommodations may be made to meet your needs.

The wood shelf along the west wall is off limits; do not place anything on this shelf.

No animals shall be permitted in the meeting room except for guide dogs unless prior permission has been granted by the Library Director.

The entire building is a smoke-free building. No smoking is allowed on the premises.

No alcohol is allowed on the premises.

Please be sure that the south exit door in the meeting room that leads directly outdoors is securely shut before you leave.

If you use the meeting room beyond normal library hours, you are responsible for insuring that the front door of the building is locked and secure when you leave the building for any reason. Please check that the door has latched after it shuts.

Special care shall be taken to leave the room clean, neat, and in at least as good condition in which it was found. Please follow these special directions:

1) If the coffee maker was used, please wash and dry it before returning it to cupboard.

2) If the carpet was soiled, please blot and wash wet stains immediately. Vacuum dirt or other dry soils before vacating the meeting room. The vacuum is in the kitchenette area of the meeting room. Notify library staff as soon as possible if a stain has occurred.

3) Wash tabletops and chairs that may have become soiled during your use of the meeting room. Washcloths and paper towels are available in drawers in the kitchenette area.

4) If wastebaskets are more than 1/3 full, or if there is anything put in them that may produce a smell, please pull out garbage bag, tie bag and throw in the dumpster behind the Fire Hall next door. Please line the wastebasket with a new garbage bag found in the bottom of each wastebasket.

Failure to comply with the meeting room regulations may result in denial of future use of the library meeting room, financial liability for damages, and/or immediate removal from the room.

The Library Board reserves the right to levy a charge against the User for repair of any damage sustained to the walls, carpet, furniture, equipment, building, etc.


While there is no fee associated with the use of the library meeting room, donations to the library are suggested in order to maintain this service.

The Library Board reserves the right to levy a charge in the future if this is deemed necessary.

Please sign Statement of Liability and return it to library staff.  Thank you.


Approved by the Chatfield Public Library Board  11/7/99.  Latest revisions approved 4/21/16.