Library Board Meeting Minutes Jan. 2010

Chatfield Public Library Board of Trustees Meeting

Minutes from Meeting on 1/18/2010

7:00pm at the Library

Present:  Ms. Margaret Viss, Ms. Connie Fossen, Ms. Sharlene Owens, Ms. Mary Kay Murray, Mr. Eric Gjellstad, Mr. Jon Hovland, Ms. Avis Finsand, Ms. Monica Erickson

Call to Order

Approval of December’s meeting minutes

Ms. Viss made a motion to approve last month’s meeting minutes.  Ms. Murray  seconded.  Motion carried. 

New Business 

  • Introductions and welcome new Board Member, Jon Hovland
  • Monica informed the Board that Dave Frank was willing to serve as Board Treasurer for the coming year.  Other Board officers agreed to continue to serve in their present positions.  Ms. Finsand made a motion to add Dave Frank as treasurer to the board and continue with current board officers: President: Connie Fossen, Vice President: Eric Gjellstad, Secretary: Margaret Viss.  Mr. Gjellstad seconded. Motion carried. 
  • Monica handed out a portion of the Minnesota Public Library Trustee Handbook and noted some details.

Old Business

  • Updates
    • Library 95th Birthday Celebration on February 18th from 7-8:30pm; Friends and Board are co-planners. 
    • Aquabrowser went live on January 12th. 
    • Technical difficulties with the library’s new site have been overcome; Monica has repaired the resulting damage and has asked SELCO to make the new site go live. 
    • Olmsted County librarians are planning on a presentation to the County to highlight the value of the libraries.  Board members offered to voice their support of the libraries at these presentations.   
    • Monica reminded the Board that it was once suggested a rose garden be developed in honor of board members who had served 9 consecutive years.  She will dig up old landscaping plans and the Board will discuss this at a future meeting.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Identify Goals: The Board brainstormed possible objectives that fit beneath identified goals.



Mr. Gjellstad made a motion to adjourn the meeting.   Ms. Owens seconded.  Motion carried. 

Next Meeting: 7:00pm, Monday, February 15th, 2010

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